John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


In a lot of ways he is the perfect mix of both worlds. The board seems to love an ex Essendon player. Supporters want someone from a successful club

And he as you have mentioned, he has gone to multiple successful clubs and by all reports been a key part of their success


It’s not just the coach that needs to be changed, he needs to bring in his own assistants and have more control over the selection of the team. Need a whole new football department


But do the problems run deeper than just a change of senior coach? Many posts on this site say they do.


Do you include a new recruiting manager in that?or do you think Dodoro has done a good job in the last 3 years or so?


He has also been away from the club for nearly 18 years, so all of our stank will have been washed off him by now.

We are in agreement on this.

Keep Rutten and Kelly. The rest can go.

It would be interesting to see someone like Cal Twomey join our recruiting team. He is heavily involved in the junior football scene and seems passionate about the club.

It’s similar to what GWS did with Emma Quayle.


Blitz at it’s finest - Don’t watch the game but yet make posts discussing the game.


What are you talking about? Who didn’t watch the game?


Maybe carefully read this thread.


Don’t deal well with extra numbers back.

Plus the forward line’s been all over the shop with JD, Brown, Smack out.


People keep banging on about Clrkson but if you look at the Hawthorn coaches box vs ours, there is a stark difference in the number of people with teaching backgrounds.


You have to pry him away from a cushy job where he gets to do what he likes without the media scrutiny.


Absolutely, being able to teach somebody is a skill in itself. You could get it from years of being an assistant, but some qualification and experience in teaching younger kids should be highly desired.


It would be one thing I would like to see out of our assistants.
I don’t actually think the club’s the massive pile of ■■■■ that this thread would suggest, BUT I do think development is happening quicker at a number of other clubs.


Hird was pretty intent on copying Geelong.


Run and gun off half back through the corridor is not sustainable. We are a one trick pony and that is our trick. So things need to change.

Last weekend, first the Swans choked off our run off half back, then GWS were beaten by Hawthorn, who denied them the ability to launch off half back.

Clarkson and Horse have shown all the other clubs how to beat the game style that we and GWS share.

A radical change is needed. Lets be realistic, the club will not sack the coach until the end of the season. But selection of players needs to be based on the fact that there must be a contested footy basis to our game, because each team we play will first of all study those 2 games from last weekend to see how Clarko and Horse did it.

Part of this must surely be a re-assessement of the “no tag” and “always allow our opponents 7 defenders” principles of the way we want to play.


Agreed, that’s why they’re so disappointing. Good teams just get the job done in that situation and that’s where our imorovement needs to be.


Make a statement and drop senior players.

Clarkson actually has some balls to drop Roughly and looks how the Hawks went


I agree, it’s not a diabolical mess like some suggest but it does need work in the football department. I think development being stifled has as much to do with not exposing guys to AFL footy in a structured way and developing them to play a role that suits their natural skill sets. We seem so focussed on developing guys disadvantages that we stifle their confidence and ability to play to advantages.

If we were to have a bigger clean out of assistants, target strategic assistants and teachers, focus on playing to players strengths and put selection pressure on senior players by focusing on performance in the twos being a pathway to senior games we would solve a big chunk of our problems.


IMO it’s the teaching and development that is behind the 8 ball, rather than strategy.

You can make as many strategic moves as you want, if guys aren’t having an impact once you have moved them, it doesn’t make a difference.

And we do make changes - they’re just not paying dividends enough.


Yeah you’re right, but I think we should be looking to evolve our strategic game too. We got rutten, seems like it was an attempt to do that. We should be looking to add another team offence coach. We also should beef up our player development area, which I think should happen through our line coaches. I see them as the critical development, so having another line coach in each and all line coaches as teachers would be a move I’d make.