John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


I have said this before

our forward line structure is unbelievable. Watching the behind the goals footage, our players stand there with arms up “kick it to me”

What happened to leading, clearing space behind for the next guy and turning around to crumb. Do something ffs


It is inevitable



I would say a better coach for that part of the ground rather than another coach but yeah.

Thing is, last year, almost these moves paid off… eventually. We were all going mental when Dea and Brown and Bags and Myers came back in, but they were all good in the 2nd half of the year.

It just all clicked 3 or 4 weeks later than required.

Which leads me to think it’s teaching, rather than the actual strategy?

I dunno.


Stringer’s not a disciplined runner at the best of times, and he was our only senior forward down there.

It’s sad that we miss Mitch Brown, but here we are…


I ■■■■■■■ hope not. Stringer will not play for that bloke.


Does anyone know who is on the match / selection committee?


Spot on.

Our forwards, when they are not standing there saying “kick it on my head”, only ever lead straight.
They need to keep moving, whether it’s sideways, backwards, straight, whatever, keep moving, don’t stop, create confusion, panic and space.

Having an actual KPP in there will help with that but Joe doesn’t lead laterally, it’s only straight or “on my head”.


The coaching panel. So basically the head coach and assistant coaches. Don’t know if it’s all of them though.


So if the lot of them are shown the door we get a better coaching panel and better selections every week. Cannot possibly be worse than what it has been for 2 years.


I’ll go with you on the others, but gee whiz I could not go harder against you on your Bellchambers line.

He’s not “soft”. Players go at him to try and rattle him or distract him and rather than buying into it his reaction is “lol get a load of this kid” and he gets on with the game unfazed.

Sure, he’s not the best ruckman in the game, but he is very serviceable and stays competitive - very rarely gets totally smoked. Get rid of him and then what… pick up one of the 14 ready made Brodie Grundy types that are in every draft? Come on.

Also getting rid of Hurley would be a bit of an overreaction when we could just stop trying to make him more than he is (great 1-on-1 defender).


I played forward, movement is key. You just need to keep moving to create space. Separation from the other defenders.


I think you’re right, it is overwhelmingly teaching as our issue.


Well with Raz out it will almost certainly mean we will drop a minimum 2 of the next 3.


Or worse.
Or the same.

The one thing we know is it will definitely either change, or not.


#1 offender for this - Jake Stringer


Haven’t you heard? There’s a mid season draft now where we can pick up all the guys who were worse options than Zach Clarke 6 months ago.


Listening to Worsfold I seriously don’t think his heart is in this job. He is getting good money and tows the company line. I really think he would be a lot happier at home with his family and a pocket full of cash.


It’s probably why he won’t quit, will certainly affect his contract.


I think there’s probably actually a lot of little things we’re a little bit behind on. Not great tactically. Too many average kicks. Too many forwards who won’t or can’t work to a structure. Get a few matchups wrong. Unfortunate run where 4-5 of our first 6 key forwards unavailable at once.
Etc etc.

But little things add up.

Get those little things right, and we’re at 5-3


Stringer can drift into very bad habits forward. Leads to the side, ducks out the back, perhaps could be a little more selfless with hitting packs. Clarke was sadly the only forward who presented a lead Friday night.

Bags is generally quite vocal and involved in the positioning, he will be straight back in - and Blitz gunna tear it’s hair out.