John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


Or Collingwood gets him as a chop out to grundie, plays in a premiership, and we’ve gotten rid of our greatest ruckman since madden. To Collingwood.


Firstly, I don’t think he’d be interested. Sometimes, it goes way beyond the money. Not everyone has a price, the majority do; then, there’s rare few who do not because its not about the money. It has taken him and others years to create the culture at Hawthorn, (its taken us years to create ours too.)

Why would he want to even think about coming to the EFC? The challenge - tell me you’re joking!!! Like the odds of James Hird coming back here to coach - nor will Clarkson come here.


Starlord is right his chin is a ball sack


The forward structure is diabolical at the moment.

Lloyd constantly talks about how a dysfunctional forward line are always running back toward goal. I can’t remember too many times this year we have hit up a leading forward between 20m -50m out. Stringer a few times and maybe Mckernan pre-injury.

It’s probably the biggest frustration watching games and breaking from the wing, ie Heppell late in the game not having anyone come at him from deep inside 50.


He’s good in the contest, but I’m not sure he’s the most disciplined runner in history.
That (when you also add the ankle? injury he started the year with) lead to him putting in some pretty shallow defensive chases, particularly in the first 3 weeks.


I would be selling it as the challenge.
And id br saying that you thought making hawthorn great again was an achievement and you probably felt great about that.

Now times it by 5 , in everyway shape and form, and thats how big it would be if you turn this club around.

I know its a pipe dream , but if others around here can br delusional and dream we are decent, i can dream about getting a decent coach for once.


Using an NLP reframe. Good thinking it might work.

Come on Clarko, wouldn’t you want to do something no one else before you has done and will probably never ever do again. You are a bloke that loves firsts. Are you up for the challenge. (We’ll use hypnosis on Clarko.) Where’ the cheque book. Are you there Paul?


Visually-grating-head had the look of a bloke that could be an assistant on the weekend offering advice while still managing to have a serious impact on the game. Also part of the Clarko club, could we have a crack at getting him across if he’s done playing?


If Clarkson came to Essendon it would ruin his reputation the way Dennis Pagan’s was destroyed by coaching Carlton.


Correct. He would never get the arm chair ride from the maggots that he gets at FHFC.
But that’s another challenge for him: win a flag despite being anchored down by the maggots’ bias.



Thats some strong ■■■■ right there


I’d rather we get sucked in by a black hole and have it [email protected] us out into a dystopian Clive Palmer led Australia than have that piece of helmet cheese in charge.

Save me having to vote anyway.


The angry dwarf would not come to Essendon. No way he would take being dictated to by the board.




Hmmmm. So maybe it was bad list management not cutting Roughy at the end of last year. Unlike us who cut our 32 year old (BJ) so we didn’t have to make the hard call to drop him mid-season


He was contracted. They couldn’t.


The point still stands that WE made a tough call at the end of last year.


Yep. They tried to flick him but he dug in and held them to his contract. This will obviously be his last year.


Not really.

We needed cap space for Shiel and also had Redman/Ridley and co pushing up needing game time.


I think the discussion was had re Roughead but unlike Hodge, Lewis and Mitchell before him, I don’t think he was able to find another suitor. I still think we have much to do as a club in being proactive for the future. We haven’t made enough tough calls on players not taking us forward, I won’t bother with names as I think there’s four very obvious ones. Clarkson was brilliant in the aftermath of last week. Made a public statement re the direction of the club, his players responded the week after. Then made a statement at selection, dropped a much loved, revered club figure and his club responded. I don’t see us having the courage of our convictions to do either. Our leadership stinks and as mentioned previously, I sincerely hope we’re trying to convince Cameron Smith to come to the club in some capacity to help school us on what a strong, winning, accountable structure and program looks like. What level of commitment and buy in is required because I just don’t see enough of us wanting it badly enough. Bellamy called out his players last week and they respond by thumping the fifth placed team by 54. We gotta get ruthless.