John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


Would be great if we could do that.

We would have won two close games this year were it not for wilful bastardry by the maggots.

If only we can get better at those circumstances.


Im honesty upset we arnt even a top 8 side. Like sure, footy isnt everything blah blah but to some people it is, and sure, tell them their crazy, priorities arnt right, whatever. It wont change them

Essendon is everything to me. Fmd i spend most days of my life on this forum. I plan my life around when we play. Il never stop watching or supporting

But its getting to the point where its actually getting me down we are no good. Us supporters have stuck by this club through the biggest fkn scandal in AFL history, stuck by them for 15 years not winning one final, bought in every year, and people wonder why posters flip their sh*t at the myers/heppell laugh? (No matter the context) give me a spell. The club owes its fans. 100%

We’ve farking had enough. Had enough of being a running joke. Worsfold will be given until the end of the year. If we miss finals he MUST go. Mr sunbury summed it up perfectly. We need to get ruthless. At the moment we’re a bunch of fkg wimps. Nothing would make me feel better this week unless we belt freo by 10 goals. Nothing. Dont start it saturday. Start it tomorrow. Get harder, train till you spew, knock each other out, get the coaches to a absolutely drive these blokes into the ground. Demand perfection. elbow fyfe in the fkg head off the ball Saturday. Find angus Brayshaw and drop him. Get violent. I do not care. Drop zaharakis and Myers, play begley and Dylan Clarke. make a stand, a showing of what we are about from this day forward.

Turn this around now, and it starts with being ruthless, hard nosed, win at all cost side.


Cannot argue with that.


Looks like you can elbow blokes in the head and get away with it now so chuck the elbows around boys.


Its interesting you use the word ruthless. I say interesting because that is the exact word I used to a collingwood mate of mine.

I feel as if we have compensated too far the other-way.

Since the saga, I have taught myself to be far less emotionally involved. I still go to all the Melbourne games, but long gone are the days where I let the result dictate my mood. The only instance I did was ANZAC day this year. I was emotionally exhausted after that game.

Providing some sort of miracle doesn’t occur, Worsfold has to go at the end of the year.


I gotta admit I loved the post by WoB above, but by the end I was reading it in Palmer United Party campaign ad style, made me giggle a bit.


pity he reads yours, cos he prolly thinks the next 3 weeks are easy wins, as is his utter and stupid delusion.

and you can try and explain it away as the bullshit you did before, but trust me when the next 3 games don’t turn out to be easy or probably wins, i will be hounding the ■■■■ out of you, like you follow me around, and it’ll be pointed out YET AGAIN, how wrong you always ■■■■■■■ are.


yes and no. how many mistakes were made by umpires after mistakes and skill errors made by our players ?

if you hit your targets and don’t turn the ball over as much, you don’t give the umpires as much chance to dictate the terms of the game.

miss an easy shot on goal, the opposition get it down the other end for a goal via ump intervention, well that chance doesn’t happen if you kick the goal in the first place.


Can I add…18 guys hang from the goal posts and form chains mid air every time the opposition have a set shot.


literally, any coach of any mediocre to poor club in the history of the game could spit out that line.

It is an utter nonsense and the words of a spin doctor.


Coll are literally just going.

They have hardly played no more than a quarter to a half this season. I can only assume they have been setup for a September peak, and their draw opens up beautifully. Their current form is nothing special at all, but like all good teams they continually get the wins when playing poorly.

That said, no doubt F Carlton and Bolton will pull a swifty on Woosha who 3 weeks later will still be trying to work out what the hell happened. :worried:


End of last year I thought there was reasonably widespread agreement in here that if Worsfold didn’t WIN a final in 2019, he should be sacked. Now, some are saying if Worsfold doesn’t MAKE finals, he should be sacked.

The earlier standard is better, IMO.


I never pinned those losses on umps. I absolutely think we had enough opportunity to win without relying on the umps. 54 inside 50 for 6 marks inside 50 on Friday night shows where the problem is IMO and when you consider the absences of Daniher, Brown, McKernan, Stewart etc it’s no wonder why. Having said all that, Clarke took 2 of those inside 50 marks and missed both relatively easy shots. That’s the difference and where our improvement must come from. Some of that is midfield use as well to be fair to the forwards who were down there on Friday night.


If we don’t make the finals we can’t win one so therefore both standards are essentially the same.


I hate this “winning a final” thing. That’s not a goal. Winning the flag is.


Amen. Some big calls need to be made. Right now this club is just running on the hamster wheel


Totally agree. It’s a ■■■■ measurement but something that we still need to tick off


You just don’t want to admit that the easy wins comment l made was said in response to a stupid comment.
You’re such a miserable ■■■■ you would prefer we lose the next 4 games so that you can get your miserable rocks off by hounding me. I don’t particularly care if we lose so long as we put in 100% and the players are showing total commitment to the coach and the club. Wins will come.
Who would want to follow a miserable ■■■■ like you around.
You just keep turning up like a haemoroid with your misery. Go and join the Foreign Legion or something.
On second thoughts, you prolly, sorry probably would be too miserable to get through their screening process.


No, they’re not. If we make finals (and don’t win a final) what should happen to Worsfold?