John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires




The pleasure that would bring to efc1robbo and his type would be enormous.



How many times does “learnings” get a guernsey?


I love the passion in your whole post WOB, and I agree in us being less sociable in our play.
However, I’m not sure how belting Melbourne’s Brayshaw assists us?
Unless you think it will distract Andrew, in which case, cunning plan :+1:


Just do it to James Brayshaw




Worsfold was good on Talking Footy. It surprised me a bit as I thought his normal boring as batshizen media persona was a permanent fixture. Rather, I think he just disdains the media and couldn’t be bothered with their dopey questions in the pressers.


We’ll be underdogs by then


Quality :ok_hand:


If Andrew has to go to the funeral then he clearly can’t play football.


He hates them. Tom Browne especially. Didn’t waste the chance to give him another whack.


I think he speaks well - pressers included. He comes across as someone who has a strong belief in themselves and in what they are doing. Also that it’s his business and the club’s what they are doing, and not for the media. Although he dropped some impt info in that interview about investing in McGrath now to be a better player next year. Good to hear.
I have yet to hear first hand information that the players are not onboard with him.


I’m not astute enough to appreciate or decipher game plans or styles or strategies of any of that hoo ha, but if you want to find something to salvage in this plan crash of a season, I remember one thing that worsfold mentioned in the lead up to Anzac Day.

He said we are still developing a game style and alluded to Collingwoods development and the time they took for it to click. 8 years or something? Worsfolds been here for half that. As much as this seasons frustrated, actually what ever word there is that goes beyond that, he could have us at 5 and 3. And you could say deservedly, had it not been for me blatant match fixing in two games. That last quarter against Collingwood we could have over run them by a couple of goals if it wasn’t for the black comedy that unfolded, and to me the rampe thing took the cake. I’ll get flamed for being a crackpot but I remember a run of bizarre ump decisions over a couple of games last year, that produced that fkg pantomime of Gil standing on sidelines trying to look earnestly at the umpiring. I’ve seen better in H & A. And it stalled us when we where coming.

I truely think Anzac Day umpiring was designed to break us, much like being told we weren’t playing finals just before hawthorn game and we got totalled. Round 17 I believe and I watched it live. And just to run it in a bit further rampe was allowed to do just that up the goal post. Fletcher did less and got a week from memory.

Anyway back to this game plan bizzo. I think it revolves around rutten and something to do with the first two games, that was being told to do something different to last couple of years. Then someone, maybe hep, has come out and said we started to play “our way” which to me meant ignoring or putting an alternative game plan on hiatus. The flashy stuff came back and we belted a couple of sides. ■■■■ ones in terms of ladder positions now but still belted them. Worsfold knows that’s not the only thing he can keep pulling out, so he’s putting the tight men around him. If it’s anything like what Richmond did, it’ll be based around defence and knowing when to hold it up and keep possession through accurate disposal. That to me is total football of sorts, and if it clicks will be the start of a complete game plan or plans within an over all system. But it’ll take time, If that’s what’s unfolding.

Is this making any sense? Seriously Collingwood, Richmond, WC all got flamed consistently while they where developing. All got criticised for being too one dimensional, giggling in the box after a loss, snarling at the press etc. then it clicked. 90 pc of people in here pssed themselves at Buckley, and particularly Hardwick as one dimensional and clueless. Me included.

I can see both sides of the coin. It’s excruciating seeing a strong list on paper get done in by dregs like Sydney. I hate that fkg smug prick Longmire, almost as much as cnts like rampe and all that bloods wnk. But all those teams did it the hard way and looked lost at times, second geussing, out of position. We’re at that phase. Maybe the only differences where their lists where gelling and getting balanced, while we have an experienced, rounded group in the right demographic to pounce.

It could be round the corner it might not. I’m still going to hold the line for now, and unless we lose every game from now on I want to see worsfold there next year, with rutten continuing a plan b or a more total, adjustable style. If we don’t, we’re Carlton. It’s that simple. We start again and it’s another 5 years maybe with god knows who. Caracalla all shiny and an old boy but he is a career line coach and clearly thrives in it. I’ve heard hird, sheeds mentioned too but maybe people who where looking for the peanut gallery came in here accidentally.

I think the umps are still going to be very technical at their discretion when it comes to us without the ball, and proscriptive when we don’t. They hate us, and wether that’s AFL sanctioned, or remembering hird spilling his guts over that ump that looked like a light globe, who knows. Whatever but we are still developing, and apart from my conspiracies we have a heavy history of mediocrity, the stigma of cheating like no other in aus sport, a fan base screaming for the glory years and an administration that might still be the old boys club not giving a fig but can still be in the cotaries driving things with there inherited coin. But try changing it up in that atmosphere at light speed would be flat out anxiety inducing at the least.

We’ve got to hold the line. Things had I’d gone slightly our way were in the top eight, maybe with pc keeping us in the lower tier after gws and Geelong touch ups. It was still early in the season. It’s still not too late now either.

Keep worsfold and as passionate as you are you’ve got no other choice but to endure. WOB you are full on wuthering heights at times and it’s beautiful. But It’s not like you or anyone else can ever walk away because you wouldn’t be on this forum otherwise, baring the pain what’s become a chronic lack of success.

Go Dons.


I agree with this, i know in these interviews you are on a hiding to nothing, but when he said we are more progressed than he expected at this stage i almost dropped my drink. He was also using the sheeds thing of 'back in this year… it took till this year’etc. I actually thought a really disappointing interview, despite the panel going light on him anyway.
It also ■■■■■■ me off when the club harp on about one game weeks ago about how great we were, a game in which we didn;t even win. I tend to think we wouldn’t have won it anyway despite the umpiring, we never win games like that, especially against a seasoned finals side and we are celebrating like it was a success. Reminds me of 2017 elimination final towelling the year being called a success and last year being called a success, surely we need to set some higher standards.


In regards to Collingwood.

When you are just going as you say, and get and get an armchair ride to victory in at least 2 games. It kinda makes a big farking difference.

Kind of like Eddie said Gill you owe us one after robbing us of a gf last year.

We are not even farking going and have been robbed of 2 victorys that’s a 4 game difference, and makes the ladder look a whole lot different.


I agree.
I don’t think this is the worst Worsfold has coached by a long way, which is why I haven’t been critical of him for the last few weeks.

He could have been 5-3. And even now, if he had us playing at our best then we should be 6-5, which is a decent position to be in at the halfway point.
But now we’ve lost Fantasia. And losses to St Kilda and hey, the bottom team again, turns out they matter.
Turns out we and he can’t afford any more losses to teams we should smash.
Turns out that getting the team up and playing accountable football early actually was important.

And the mob’s arrived and I can’t say I’m sympathetic.
I don’t agree with them specifically, and they don’t agree with me generally.

It’ll all come to the same thing, though, which I’m more than fine with.


the more i think about it, the more it just reminds me of watching Sheedy circa 2004 and beyond not being able to see what’s right in front of him, while also congratulating himself for setting up a side previously to get success (again despite the fact he wasn’t there, but he built the foundation) all the while suggesting if they have success with or without him at essendon, it’ll be down to again his ground work.

It really is like ground hog day , if you closes your eyes and just listened to an interview, by their self grandstanding you would not be able to pick if you were listening to Sheedy or worsfold.


What’s the motivation to break us?
Exclude Essendon from any success until the last vestige of the saga has been purged?


whyd you bother asking