John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


Because he has not yet faced any serious media pressure.

The club also isn’t asking any serious questions because those twits gave him a new contract so they would be equally to blame.

It’s us supporters that have to write into the club and not pay for our memberships anymore until we demand change.

It’s not the losing that bothers me as much as the total disarray and disconnection with each department with the club inc players which is the cause of the poor on field performance right now. You can see they just don’t care and want it through their actions.


Be as respectful as possible but yea, time to step down Woosha.


I actually thought the exact same thing today every time the TV crews show footage of the coaches box. Has a look on his face that would rival that of Richard ‘Hitman’ Kuklinski. Contrast that with Bolton coaching from the bench (same as Clarko last week). I reckon Woosha walks into the coaches box each week, tosses the headset, disconnects the phones, crushes up his homemade valium and just chills. Am convinced he wants a fat payout and first-class ticket back to Perth.


And his assistants
And the board that renewed his contract
And any staff that renewed his contract
And anyone behind the scenes that helped renew his contract


Why can’t you bring in an outsider?


March do the G next week holding up “Sack Woosha” and “Tanner out” placards. Fans could then refuse to enter the ground and just protest outside all game

Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019
Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019

because they need a preseason working with the list. they’d be hopeless.


as apposed to what we already have?


that would be pathetic. then the supporters would look like a rabble.


what a ■■■■■■■ disaster of a season it’s turned out to be


I would empty this ■■■■■■ desk tonight , and chuck it in the car park . Then just send him a text that says fark off turd don’t come back .


what did he say in his press conference?


Knowing us we’d probably bring a favourite son back as a coach to appease members and boost memberships next year to pay for this ■■■■ up


Would fit in with the rest of the club then.


He’s got the personality of a paper clip. Absolutely no charisma. How could he possibly inspire a group of young men?


Fark Up needs to be paid for by the Board - it’s their fark up - no-one else had anything to do with it.




I bet we hold on to this turd all year . That’s how weak the club is .

We need to show some balls and fire him now .

This week in the nba the Toronto coach who had just won coach of the year got fired because his team got swept in the second round . That’s showing some balls


Sorry but it really is time

Even though it doesn’t achieve much in the moment, he has totally lost the group


just watched the presser…hmmm