John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


Because the other teams that are good enough to finish top 4 can’t win the flag, we are the only team out of those “good enough to finish top 4” good enough to win the flag?

A finals win is good enough for me in 2019 because there are other good teams that can beat us.


It’s a very competitive comp. The fact us and Adelaide finished 11th and 12th and had winning seasons (won more games that lost) is pretty remarkable. It shows the disparity when the difference between 12th and 13th was 4 games and 27%. For me, only the top 4 from last season after the finals (Eagles, Pies, Dees and Tigers) look to be locks to be in the finals this year. Then there’s 8-10 clubs who will battle it out for the four other spots to be part of September this year. For me I think that Freo might make a run at the 8, Brisbane could but it might be a year too soon. Might be one of those teams that start well but with the young bodies, etc they might tail off towards the back end.


Its a good debate.

People who just don’t enjoy football unless we win need to get their head checked IMHO. Its a 120 year old game and we have won 16 times. We are not Celtic in the SPL.

Having said that I pose a question. Did people (1) enjoy and (2) view as a success, the 1999 season?

I enjoyed 1999 and I thought it was a success. We were rubbish in 1997 and 1998 and were soft and bullied by North. The fact that many think we should’ve won the flag with the success and turnaround we had that year represents success IMO, and I certainly enjoyed the ride.


I enjoy the football a lot when we play well, and I don’t enjoy it at all when we play badly.

I enjoyed the 1999 season hugely, up to but not including the prelim final. And I don’t regard it as a successful season because we wasted all the good things we had done in that one horrible afternoon for which we only have ourselves to blame.

Despite that I still sometimes wonder what would have happened the following week if it had been us playing North. Most Blitzers think we would have creamed them, but I’m not so sure. North should have beaten Adelaide the previous year and they were burning to atone for that loss. We had beaten them twice in the regular season but they were both close, highly competitive games and North could have won. I think a GF of us and them that year would have been a classic.


I enjoy watching the side play footy on a level that I think they can.

Win / Lose / Draw doesn’t matter as much as effort.

As such, I actually really enjoyed 2016.

On the other hand, I found 2018 incredibly frustrating. I was of course happy enough by the end of the year as we looked forward to 2019, but ■■■■■■ hell what a missed opportunity.


While we did really well in the back half of the season 2018 was still a failure not matter how you slice it.


Predicting the number of Essendon wins in a season is like a form of self inflicted torture for “long” suffering supporters. 2017’s 12 wins were good considering where they came from. Same with ‘18, after the early season disaster. Agree with others that anything less than 15 wins and a prelim final berth should be considered a failure. The pressure is on the club to deliver, big time. Essendon will need to break some hoodoos (Dogs, Hawks, Pies, Dees, Tiges) along the way to collect that “mythical” (sarcasm) number of wins. That’s the sort of progression that would have supporters finally believing their team have arrived as a force.


If they tell us repeatedly, and without variation then they must be geniuses


Straight answers from Woosha.


Even straight answers to the funny questions!

I love Woosh but he’s not going to be getting a show at the Comedy Festival any time soon…


I just can’t see him donning a fur coat, gold bling and Air Jordan sneakers for the AFLX.


Ohhhh, I like that.
And a cane.


Remember when he got weird in his last year at the Eagles?
Straight-face suits him.


Oh I love it. The “by whom” presser last year was the best.

As well as the time he got asked after an interstate game “what do you see as the differences between this week and last week” and he answered totally deadpan: “well this week we got on a plane”



And a top hat.
Livin in America




the glare™ he gives journos after a stupid question is great


There were funny questions?


Can someone pls post the HS article that interviews woosha in today paper. Thanks in advance.