John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


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Queens birthday long weekend.


Zactly. Which is why we would go the route of little experiments/ideas,… some completely out of the box on a ‘Just suck it and see’ basis, rather than worry about the scoreboard. This is the ideal, and in fact only opportunity to do such things without consequence.


You’re kidding, right?




Is that a srs question?
You ever known me to kid about such things.

Its happened nearly every year I’ve been involved with coaching during pre season games.

Not so much with the 3rds,… but one year I was playing we’d been that dominant the year before the coach did it , even there.

Guys that had never been out of the backline ever given a crack at FF etc.

And he found one… that then went on to play CHF in the seniors the rest of his days.

Edit; and it should be said was instrumental in Invy u 17’s going back to back that year. :+1:


There was no experimentation with players in different positions.
In fact I think most would say we were conservative in that way.

Are you talking about memberships slogans here, or…what?


Wasn’t Hepp half back and Myers CHF for a lot of the time? I think they moved around a bit.


I guess it’s possible.
I didn’t notice Myers much.
Stats say he kicked a goal. Although so did Heppell.


Yeah but that’s because, like a fair few Blitzers, you’ve got “Myers blindness”.

Actually played deep forward in the 666 set up a few times. Kicked our second goal from a one on one marking contest.


I don’t dislike him.
If he’s a problem then he’s waaaaaay down the list.


Whatever it takes, how about TNT up the rear.


Didn’t mean to imply dislike.
Just he’s an exemplar of a type of player not often noticed, even when solid ( except when committing howlers)
The polar opposite of Langford & @KillerMike (or Guelfi & Donnington) where the game watching experience revolves around their contribution

Considering building this effect into BlitzData, the Blitz alternative to ChampionData


Look forward to your noble self sacrifice demonstrating your commitment to to Essendon by performing this act outside the Hangar on the weekend.
Just like self immolating monks in Vietnam.
Don’t forget to contact the media


Are you suggesting it doesn’t?


You are the centre of your own Langford universe.
Subjectively your football is your football, and no one can take it away from you.
Who am I to argue?


Finally somebody that gets me!



For someone who was so influential, I’m surprised you didn’t notice him.

edit - it’s already been said.


I think it’s quite natural to notice things that others just wave away, don’t you?