John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


Hang on - did someone just say something?


There seems to be a lot of pressure building with regard to how we are going to start the year, mainly off the back of our dodgy JLT form.

Heaven forbid, if we do have a shocker of a start to the year comparable to last year, I think the spotlight will be well and truly on John.

I do think he’ll be given the full year (unless of course we go win-less for a long period), but if we miss the finals again, then surely his position will be looked at.



For sure if we don’t win a final the whole club needs to be looked at.


I don’t suppose you have considered therapy?


you still going to say I need therapy if we don’t win a final?


If we don’t win a final you’ll probably need it even more.


I have high expectations that can win finals this year but…

If we made & didn’t win a final you could also indicate we just weren’t ready for it.

People like to use Richmond as the benchmark

Made finals &belted in EF by Port in 2014
Made finals and lost to North in EF in 2015
Didn’t make finals 2016
Made finals, all the way through to a GF win in 2017

During that however Hardwick lost all his support staff and an overhaul of game plan / recruiting/ drafting had occurred.

I’d like to think we’ve done majority of this already with exception perhaps around our line coaches.

Rutten is overseeing the whole ground defence & giving kpp specific coaching however.


If we are going to be any good this season we need to be 4-2. If we start 2-4 or 2-5 he would be lucky to see out the year.


I doubt that. He would be under pressure, but in reality this is year one with his own team, so I don’t think it would be as drastic as you believe.


There’s also that whole think about… who they would replace him with… It’s not going to happen.


Year 2 imo, not year 1.


Nup. Shiel was the last piece of his team build. Year one.


Every year cannot be year one. The team is basically the same as last year but one change, this is year 2 with his team. Otherwise if we add someone new again next year then it becomes year 1 again.


Ok. I disagree. We have finished buying in the final pieces. So now his team is built.

But I’m not interested in arguing about it so I’ll leave it at that. I will just agree to disagree.


Whatever year it is, the time for excuses is over. If we don’t play finals with this list, he will be under a tonne of pressure


We would definitely expect to play finals.


I almost booked flights for ANZAC day but decided to go with the game against Freo in Melbourne. Surely we can beats these ■■■■■.

He has got to be under pressure if we tank the first half of the season.


So bringing in 1 new player resets the year count? Next year when Hooker retires and we recruit someone else, is it year 1 again?

This is year 2 at least. 2017 was the return of the suspended players, but 2018 was essentially his team.


People talk about that like it’s not a given? Any coach that tanks half a season is going to be under pressure. Surely we can stop stating the obvious. And the season hasn’t started. Put your pitchforks away. Blitz has gone full nuffie leading into round 1.


This is standard blitz :joy: