John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


If he can’t win a final with this squad of players he should be straight into the cannon


I feel like we’re getting ahead of ourselves a bit.

Does anyone around here actually have a license to fire this much talked about cannon?


Nah not for me would be a massive failure if we don’t win a final.

The club likes to talk big but cant back it up. no more excuses it’s time to deliver.


how hard can it be to fire a cannon


I believe @Heffsgirl is fully trained both theoretically & practically in canon firing, has security clearance via her work and is willing and prepared to use it?


And 8 weeks of Muay Thai kickboxing under my belt.



Whatever you do, don’t rewatch our last two games here against the dockers? Pretty poor and frustrating, they dragged us down to their level.

For my money, if I’m going to lose my ■■■■ at a game live, it would be against a big team so I could care more about the result.

Double edged sword though.

Edit - so you can kill us all with a gun and your bare hands, you don’t have training with knives to do you? :fearful:


Knives are in.


No, if we win a final, everything you have said till that point gets washed away as if it never happened.


Absolutely kidding if you don’t think he is under pressure. He knows it, club knows it, he has somewhere between 12 and 22 odd games to show why he should continue as coach. No way we are wasting this rebuild on an underperforming coach.


“Wasting this rebuild”:joy:

That’s funny and sad at the same time.


So hypothetically (because it wont happen), who would replace him?


Hardwick’s laptop


Pretty much anyone?
You make it sound as if he’s irreplaceable.
On what grounds?

It’s certainly not a record of unparalleled success.


Caracella & Kirk would be my 1st 2 interviewed.


You mean this guy, right?


I don’t know when the fox specials on the coaches were recorded but my faith has been restored a bit. Woosha very bullish on the year ahead.


I’m sick and tired of bullish.

The time to be bullish is when you’re playing well and beating good teams. Not when you’re coming off a poor season last year and a disappointing pre-season.


You make it sound like there’s guys just sitting around out of work that are ready to jump in mid season and start coaching. You still didn’t give me a suggestion. But thanks for your input.

And i think you’ll find Woosha has a decent record.


Well, of course there are.
They’re called assistant coaches.
If, for whatever reason, Worsfold were unable to coach anymore he’d be replaced inside a week.

Hopefully we have a great year and it all comes together and that never comes up, but I can’t be having with the idea that no-one could possibly do his job.