John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


Sorry, i meant a good replacement. I think we’ll have a great year anyway.


I hope we do.
And you can’t possibly know how good X would be.


That was the greatest into ever.


Wrong thread, I think. :wink:


All I can be certain of is the he’s gon give it to ya.

That’s good enough for me.


You ‘can’t be having with the idea’??
I have images of you speaking in a Scottish accent, wearing a gingham apron chatting with the neighbour on the front step.


Ach! Give over bonnie lad, you be havin a laugh would ye?


No need, we have the Zerk.


Na, nae me! ah wid ne’er dae sic a thing!


INteresting way to look at it, but unfortunately, I’m not so sure about our list.

Sure, when we win a game they look good, but then how many 3rd quarters did we lose last year in games we won.

Right now 2 of the players we would rely on the most in a final (Daniher & Hooker) are not playing/performing as expected - does Woosha get cut any slack if they miss half the year or can’t play finals?

People rate our list highly because they think Raz will be fit all year, Stringer is going to go to another level, and Langford will have evolved into a 2012 version of Jobe Watson.

People also expect Francis to emerge as AA standard, and they expect Smack and Brown not to have a bad game.

TBell is crucial to our season, if he goes down then can Woosha be blamed for Draper or Z Clarke not being as good?

Depending how the above pans out I thing there’s plenty of wiggle room for Woosha.

And actually winning a final is generally unlikely unless you finish top 4, thinkgs will have to go exceptionally better for us this year than the last 15 years for that to happen.

If we finish 5th-8th but have to travel to Perth or Adelaide then I don’t think Woosha can be hung for losing against a side that finished higher on the ladder.

Anyway, it’s a long season, if we fail then there won’t just be one reason, and those reasons may not be the coaches fault - and if they are, then it still may be determined that he is capable of correcting those problems for 2020.


Ye ken well wot ah min.



Actually they are out there
Horse: premiership 2nd season
Luke Beveridge: premiership 2nd season
Chris Scott: premiership 1st season
Adam Simpson: grand final 2nd season, premiership 5th season
Don Pyke: grand final 2nd season


I think you’ve missed what we were talking about?


Lol. A bit of context on the teams they inherited would be good.


Dogs and West Coast were poor teams, things basically couldn’t get any worse where the dogs were. Sydney were mid table. Scott was handed a fair team, albeit one which looked pretty stale when he took over. Your point?


That’s a bit of stretch. Maybe stick with your other ones, not C Scott.


Horse: inherited a pretty decent team and setup. He keeps them up around the mark.
Beveridge: did a great job stealing a GF but he has absolutely crapped out since and has destroyed the very same team.
C Scott: was handed a top side with some of the leagues best ever players and is the same as Horse.
Simpson has done a pretty good job
Pyke: was really given a very good side by a very good coach and a team that was united because of the previous coach, there are a lot of questions about how far he can take them

Woosha was given a difficult situation: a team that was shattered because of the whole saga, then before you can blink he lost the main group of players from the team, the main senior group. Then had a year without them and using top ups. He looked to be going about it the right way until the wheels fell off and then reset. This year there are no excuses or reasons, he must have them playing finals.


and all of them (except Pyke) have won grand finals, that was pretty much the point yeh? There are some very good coaches waiting for opportunities. I’d be happy to have a “crapped out” coach like Beveridge if he brings us a premiership, wouldn’t you?


No, not if we are then left with a side that has fallen apart and needs a complete rebuild with no indication of ever getting there again.

I want a coach who builds sustained success, like a Scott or Horse or Clarkson (him definitely), not like a Beveridge,