John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


It’s a premiership mate? You can’t be serious? For that month in September I can only imagine how good it would have been to barrack for the bulldogs, a feeling I can’t even remember anymore, and I lived thru the 80s and 2000.


I swear I have seen you say that Tom Boyd was worth every cent.


I’d think woosha has everything he needs now. Coaching wise and player wise, to have a real good crack. If we miss the 8, there will be articles written about him weekly and that pressure will be pretty bad.


But after almost 19 years of not being there again, I don’t want one and then be left with the same feeling that this period has brought. I have Bulldogs friends and they are frustrated because they think they will now have to wait a very long time again.

Do they love having won? Of course, but they want sustained success not a once off.

I am lucky, i grew up watching as constantly making and winning GF’s, this is a terrible time now with no sense we will ever win one again. So just getting “one” for the sake of it does actually not appeal to me. What appeals to me is sustained success and winning it multiple times.


He is a player, not a coach.


His contract is just as much to blame.

Imagine playing along side a guy on that coin who is VFL level.



Also I said it right after they won the GF and he was brilliant. I figured he had come good and found his position. The fact he didn’t is proven he wasn’t really worth it.

But not a single player left because the Dogs couldn’t afford them.

So if they win a GF it is because Bevo is a great coach, but if they fall apart and look horrible it is because of the players and the coach isn’t to blame?


Love to hear your thoughts on why Beverage is to blame?


I wasn’t sure you said but I thought you might have.

So you agree he has been a terrible investment then?


I think on the clubs previous form its far more likely he will be given a two year extension in April to provide some stability.


Sounds like the Pol Pot regime.


The sooner he ■■■■■■ off the beter. Reminds me of the guy in Weekend’s at Bernie’s.


Wow, you really hate Tom Boyd.

Did he ■■■■ your misses or something?


I’m very confused


That makes both of us.


B : Tom Lonergan - Matthew Scarlett – Josh Hunt
HB: David Wojcinski - Harry Taylor – Corey Enright
C: Joel Selwood – Jimmy Bartel – Andrew Mackie
HF: Travis Varcoe – Tom Hawkins - Steve Johnson
F: James Kelly – James Podsiadly - Paul Chapman
Foll: Brad Ottens - Joel Corey – Cameron Ling
Int: Trent West, Mathew Stokes, Allen Christensen, Mitch Duncan

Yep there is 11 fair players if I ever saw them.

If ever a coach was gifted a flag, Bomber gave this bloke one on a platter


“It’s a holiday in Cam-bodia”.

This is the DJ thread, yes?


Hey we need a vote for INXS.


When the board comes out and offers him their full support is when he’s in real trouble.


I think John is a terrific guy
And a fine leader of men

But still not sure he is the right coach for our boys
We hope he can do the job and get us in the top 4 this year as everyone expected before the jLT series