John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


eggscellent idea.




So how is Caracella going at Richmond?


Your workmate might be passing on the info correctly, doesn’t mean that who told him the info is correct though.


You’re spot on IT. Or it could be 100% true. Or somewhere in the middle.

I did find it quite deflating though.


Would be good to know what the player, who is a mate of your workmate’s mate thought of the assistant coaches.


I have never been at a club where a coach is 100% liked or disliked. You could ask 10 different players and get totally conflicting stories so for me it’s quite feasible that this player has given that as his opinion.


Only difference is people will be happier to share that when it’s 0-2 than when you’re 2-0…


If they are indifferent about him and he doesn’t need to motivate them as they are self motivating amongs the group it might work. Or it might fail miserably.

As long as he has some decent tacticians around him and the line coaches can get the players playing the right way it could work.


My family and I have been on egg puns all week. Well played.

I am sick of everyone walking on egg shells in here and not calling it like it really is.


Sunny side


Over easy


LOL Are you sure your m8 wasn’t just reading this actual thread?


Definitely boiled.


Like I said, he’s not prone to BS. LOL.


Woosha “scrambled gameplan” Worsfold.


You don’t need the players to like you, just respect you. It’s the same everywhere where there is an employer-employee relationship, you need to be respected rather than being liked


Both is ideal though.


Sack him, sack the players, sack the board, sack everyone. Season is a disaster. pull down the Hangar. We’re gone forever.

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Woosha being considered poor tactically is a widely held belief. I had a mate who was in our recruitment team for a few years (now at Freo in a promiment role) tell me that was the general consensus. He said he’s a decent man manager and usually keeps the message pretty clear and simple but compared to the other coaches in the game he’s behind the 8 ball tactically.