John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


Meh, maybe. Sometimes it is hard getting both, the line gets blurred a bit.

I think for the team to function, they have to at least respect him, regardless if they like him or not.


I think the Richmond and Collingwood players both seem to love their coach.


That’s fine, that’s why Harding is there. You probably have other coaches who are great tactically but poor man managers or cant get their point across so they fail as well. Robert Shaw was good tactically, his coaching record won’t say that though.


That kinda misses the point, though. No one is saying anything about having to be a ‘friend’. You don’t have to be a neanderthal carnt to get respect. That isn’t respect, it’s fear. And people who fear you cannot be trusted. You’ll get the knife as soon as it’s safe to.


I don’t get that saying.
Isn’t it a good thing to be behind the 8 ball?


C’mon Woosha. Let Guelfi tag Neale.
Neale will be lucky to get 5 possessions, we win the game.


Not if you still have balls on the table, I guess.
Very definitely npi.


Settle down nose beer




Uncomfortable as don’t have open shot on other coloured balls, stuck behind 8 ball.


Same as 'snookered then, really, innit? What makes the 8-ball more troublesome than any other coloured ball in a snooker situation? These things are important to me.


Don’t mind it!

We need a tagger. Look at the success teams are having against Martin and then watch guns like Neale and Danger run a muck coz they let them run free. It’s just a no brainer but Woosha is very stubborn like this


If you hit the 8 ball and it goes in you lose the game

That would be my guess


Watch Woosha bring in Myers this week even though it’s clear that it just doesn’t work.

WA buddies


In Snooker you lose the value of the wrong ball you hit.


That’s pool, Snooker you lose the value of wrong ball potted.


what if your 8 ball is on your gear ■■■■?


Well Mutch is injured so he wouldn’t be dropping anybody. It seems logical unless they want to give Dylan Clarke a run.


There is no 8 ball in Snooker. In Snooker the balls are coloured but not numbered.

So yes “behind the 8 ball” is kind of the same as snookered, but for a different game.


This I did not know!