John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


Gonna be interesting in here this week.


At least he is learnings well, only took 2 rounds to get it right, not 8. In that learnings curve we will start JLT on fire.


Where did he get the black eye from? And did he have makeup on it?


Or crickets. :wink:

Denied the Lions use of the corridor today. Set up really well. Light…


He deserves kudos for today even though I still don’t think the selections were 100%
That still doesn’t take away the fact that we were horrid in the opening two rounds and most of last year


Well howdy…CS


See. He’s not all bad.


He deserves nothing.

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He is the coach and in a results based industry you live and die by those results.
I’ve whacked him plenty of times but I’ll put my hand up and say he got most things right today


I’m not going to line up to give a blow job every time he doesn’t ■■■■ the bed.
If you’re expecting that, get used to disappointment.
We’re where I thought we would be with a very lid-on prediction a month ago.


Cool story bro.


We’re 2-2, which is pretty much where we’d probably expect to be. So he’s got us on par. Can’t argue about that.


Only the poor percentage at the moment. Let’s see how we go the next month. First month is barely a pass mark if it all.


The wins are not credited to him. Only losses.


What did you think we’d be after round 4?


This is one of the strangest analogies I have ever seen. Freud would have a field day


Going ok now.

Probably 1 win behind where most would have expected (I thought likely to lose one of GWS / Melb). Very frustrating couldn’t get over Saints.

Need to flog North who’ve been trash to get our percentage back up further. Today helped.

Then a big big Anzac Day clash coming up

If we win that we could be in the top 4 or near enough.

It’s a very bunched top of ladder at present.


You’re familiar with his work on fixation?


Won’t recognise the wins but willing to sink the slipper on every loss.


When we’re where we should be, with this list, I’ll recognise that he’s an okay coach.
We’re a long way from that.

Edit: JFC we got our arses handed to us by GWS and got beat by St Kilda.
On the back of a bad year last year.