John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


Same here. We will know by round 10 where it is all at.


I don’t think that’s fair on wimmera.

Yes he isn’t his biggest fan but at least he puts forward rational arguments, in general, as opposed to the idiots that come in here and slander Worsfold with their petulant rantings.


We were all gunning for him after the StKilda loss and fair enough too, that game was a disgrace. Last two weeks much better.


No WE ALL weren’t…


That’s true BSD wasn’t.


How hard would it be for the AFL to give a microphone to the journalists so we can hear their questions.


Well coached. Closed off the middle. Coached the side to kick 8 more goals than the opposition with Brown and Clarke as the tall forwards. Had a great day. 47 point win which we would have taken prior in a heartbeat.


2 and 2, but not expecting a percentage of 95% or the lack of effort in the first 2 games. Past 2 games have been much better, still work to do but in the right direction.




that’s a bit too logical for the AFL


It has come up before. Channel 8 want AFL to pay for it, AFL wants them to pay for it.

They’ve only agreed to do it for the finals


Agree with all that. As for the first two games, from what Worsfold suggested that may have been more the players expecting things to just happen and were not putting in the required effort.

What’s encouraging is that the team is now working hard. Agree they still a way to go, but yes, it’s in the right direction.


Won’t recognise the wins but willing to sink the slipper on every loss.


I think at the start of the year, facing GWS away, Saints, Melbourne (who everyone expected to be good) and Brisbane (who everyone expected to be bad), that only the most unreasonable fans wouldn’t have considered that 2-2 was a reasonable expectation (with 3-1 or better being excellent obviously)


You left.


Well coached woosha!

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It’s ok to judge a coach on team performance over the long term, but the short term roller coaster of wins and losses is not a valid measure of the head coach’s performance on the day. The reality is that everything that went well today (or badly in Rd 1) may have had nothing to do with Worsfold. Tippa, Mitch Brown and Merrett were sensational today, which is probably nothing at all to do with woosha, especially given the roles of the line coaches.


wonder which team diggers will jump to when sydney goes ■■■■ again?


The win today was great. But do I think he is a good coach… No.


He’s taken the chocolates the last two weeks so credit where credits due.

The true test will be when we play a side that will slow the game down and take the corridor away from us.

ANZAC day will most likely be that test.