John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


So what sort of a result would you have expected today from a good EFC coach ?


Understandable, because he’s previously declared Woosha is the worst coach we’ve had since Davis.


True. He has fully committed to a position.


If we can play consistent football for the rest of the season and win one final.

I will modify my view on Worsfold being a bad coach and cut him some slack.

Unfortunately, our horrible consistency issues still remain.

Nothing has changed from last season.


Nothing has changed = consistent

Mission accomplished.


It’s frustrating that he has no plan B, or any moves on game day.

But as we saw today, when we get the plan A right… It’s a friggin decent plan.

The way we move the footy in full flight, is quite something.


You say that as if it’s somehow controversial.


I disagree; today we showed we could be more patient with the ball and get into a scoring position; different than our usual run and gun style. Secondly, defensively it was obvious we were restricting the Lions use of the centre corridor.


I’m unsure on what you’re disagreeing with.


No plan B


Plan b was to wait until plan a worked again.


Do some people think that we do not have game plans for alternative scenarios?

That no one at the club has asked what do we do if this does not work, what do we do then?



Yeah man. Neelds plan b was to get the players to try.


Oh well then yeah, I guess we disagree on what ‘plan B’ means.

Plan A worked from the get go today, so we never needed a plan b.

The slowing down of our ball movement at various times, and basically controlling the tempo for most of the day, is the absolute execution of our Plan A.

But yeah, it’s a semantics argument I suppose.


So a new facet to our game when they restrict our run and carry isn’t a plan B?


Neeld is so 2018.


You have like minded ?


You gotta laugh.


more furrowed brow, but yeah I presume people are doing it for the LOLs


You know what? I’m gonna throw out the controversial idea that we might have a plan C as well.