John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


When do we get to plan DDs


I realise what you’re saying here, and ‘plan b’ is a poor cheap meme that I shouldn’t have used.

But honestly, you don’t think Woosha has some flaws in the areas of match day coaching, and reacting to things not working in a timely fashion?

He sticks to the game plan. Thats his thing. It can be a good and / or bad thing, depending on how you wanna view it.

But it’s a clearly a thing,.

A game like today where we lead all day and were never troubled, doesn’t address that.

It does address that our “Plan A” can be damn effective. Which is actually what I was originally getting at.


With 6-6-6 and reduced runner-involvement, the AFL is actively trying to reduce the coaches’ ability to switch between plans A/B/C/etc…


We should just hire a new temp assistant coach now to fire in 2020 round 1 to spark us next year.


I’m both available and fully qualified for that role.


Not about today. After the start last year I had my doubts. After the start to this year I am certain. He has his good attributes. But.that is outweighed by his bad.
I don’t think he gives the players the motivation they need. I believe that players should be self driven to. But when the players are not at that point yet he needs to drive. He needs to Coach them to become self driven.

Game day he leaves to much to the players and is either to late to make a change. Or doest make the change at all.

From outside looking in veiws I know. But in this case I feel I have seen enough to form an opinion.

Is he a terrible coach? No
Is he a great Coach? No

I think we have the players to be a premiership side within the next few years. But we need a great coach and coaches for that to happen.


No. I question the players ability to execute alternative plans when plan a is failing.


Maybe game plans are so full of multiple scenarios and variations - which is why it takes a while to learn and implement efficiently - rather than executing a plan A, B or C, teams adjust many times within the game to counter the opposition, and impose their own method of scoring.


So… when are we going to offer a further 2 year contract extension?


This is probably correct, a bit subtle to notice for some but Hepp, Parish, McGrath often started in the defensive area as part of the 6 6 6 set up. Once the ball was bounced they were running into the centre square. McKenna and Redman sometimes on the wings at the start of play. I did not notice who moved back into defence to cover these players but the point I am making is many players are in different positions at the restarts.
I did not notice this watching on TV last week but from my seat on half forward line at the ground it was easier to see.


I think much of the ‘game plan’ talk and misunderstandiung is due to it be distilled down in people’s minds, to something defined and static. ‘A Plan’. It’s not the case. There is a general system teams work to/for. There are countermeasures drilled when certain things may happen. There are levels and layers of this, that are taught, learned, revised, tweaked and un-learned again.
The overall general game style is to both suit the team characteristics and players, and the current opposition. But it not like it’s a rotary switch with Plan A, B & C that get dialled in. I know you’re not exactly saying that - but people tend to take the path of least resistance in thought, because it is easier to talk about (complain about). It’s a far more complex thing than that.


Yes, I think he has flaws. And yes he has his way of doing things on match day and during the week. Some are good and some are not.

As to what happens during the match itself and reacting to circumstances, I (us) was spoilt with Sheedy. Sheeds was so obvious with his changes because they could be so dramatic. With Worsfold is hard to know - or maybe I’m not footy smart enough to see it. But how they play the game these days is a lot more complicated and it can be difficult to really know what is always being done. We had a flurry of posts recently asking 'what is our game plan?"

But to extend my comment about reacting to the circumstances, do we think that in the coaching box when things are not working Worsfold keeps saying (with a steely resolve and a bland monotone) “No lads we are keeping things as they are. It’s the only way to do our learnings.”

We do see some stuff because it’s really obvious. And the astute ones on here pick up the less obvious stuff. And then there is the stuff we have no idea about because we are not there in the inner sanctum.


Plan A revolves heavily on Myers. I watched him
for most of the second quarter. He plonks himself for most of the game smack bang in the middle of our system(typically in the centre square) and barks instructions constantly. Myers and Heppel are pretty much acting as runners as well as players, sorting out positions, roles, match ups on the fly.

He’s on average player but he is integral to the team and whether people like it or not he’s going to play most games.


And when he’s not there, Heppell’s does overtime.


Serious? FMD.

You know my original throw away line was complimenting Woosha, yeah?

And yeah, I don’t think there is a whiteboard somewhere with Plan A written on it, and next to it is Plan B with an empty space and question mark…


It was really interesting watching the dynamic of the two of them.

When they are both there spaced 20 meters apart, the structure was easily operating the best. It also allows Heppel flexibility, the runs he makes to the wings to provide a marking option in defence where when he had Myers to cover him. He played more restrictive if it was just him.

When it was just one of them in the role the structure was good but not great.

When neither was there, was when the game really opens up. Looks good on tv, dynamic and free flowing. But the opposition is benefiting too.


In a way, yes. (Especially the monotone voice.)

Bomba Thompson openly said that’s how he coached. He backed the plan in. Keep doing it, over and over, even when things are going badly, and eventually it will become second nature. Woosha is a very similar coach in that way, and they are both premiership coaches, so I’m not even questioning the method. I just acknowledged it.

Anyway, this topic is silly, and there are way better things to discuss atm, so I’m out.


I cant see us losing another game this year.


I though I made it clear that I didn’t think you were saying that. Just in case… I don’t think you are saying that.


That’s because we like to think we have sufficient talent on the list that any hack could coach to a win.