John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


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Strange, because our game today was not plan A, it was a different style game to the one last week.

I mean you keep banging on no plan b but I doubt you even seem to know what plan a actually is. Myths are great but ultimately they lead no where.

We played a game that restricted the Lions, then we switched the game after HT when they worked their way around that game to stop their run on, then we attacked and won the game.


The Plan B fixation by some here is a bit odd (not at all saying you, @Paul_Peos).

There’s not a lot of teams these days who would win games, or certainly big games, by implementing some ‘plan B’ that is dramatically different from their regular game plan.

The good teams win games by having an extremely resilient plan A and by being able to implement it in all sorts of different circumstances and under extreme duress from the opposition.

I think these days the right response to not being able to implement your plan A is to try and find different and creative ways to implement that plan, rather than throwing all the balls up in the air and moving Ambrose to FF etc.

Anyway that’s my take. May be right or wrong.


Yesterday we executed plan c to perfection, and for that I’m thankful. Myers is definitely important and should play ahead of Langford. Laverde, Langford, Gleeson, Parish and Stewart should form the nucleus of some heavy off season trading into the draft activity.

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I think Peos has been at pains to point out that’s not what he’s saying. Others say that sure. But not him IMO


He said sorry for saying it.


Yeah I can quote too


Stop quoting me you guys, I’m trying to get out of this conversation!


I tried and prob failed yesterday to not be seen as a Myers fan boi. So many questioned the lack of middle time for Parish and Zaha with Myers returning.

Without checking stats he was probably down on his usual high output of clearances and contested poss and struggled to get into the game early. However, my belief in his value was absolutely confirmed.

I’m repeating myself but he is 6’3’ and strong. He often positions himself as a barrier at stoppages especially in the middle.

For mine the gags about protecting the kids are misguided. He protects everyone. Shiel, Zach, McG, Dev, Darcy, Zaha etc need this. They aren’t big enough or strong enough to mix it with a lot of midfield groups…plus we want them on the outside exiting the stoppage or getting the clearance in space.

I don’t buy the arguemnet that many put forward bemoaning the lack of midfield time for Zaka and Darcy with Myers in the side. Both have a skill set (I’m particularly a Zaka fan) but neither can or will ever provide the grunt and strength that Myers does.

He is very left sided obviously and doesn’t think as quickly as some when he has the footy but I think he is vital and I absolutely get why he is picked when fit.

I’m not sure how often Mitch Robinson went into the centre bounce yesterday but the Bears with Neale, Zorko, Lyons, Berry and McClug are small and light. I bet they’d kill for a Dave Myers in with them.

Net result of him being back yesterday was very positive.

Hepp does it all and is prob underated.


Good luck.
Don’t @ me, bro.





I guess I straight up asked for that. Like, almost literally.


icetemple is the dylan grimes of blitz cheapshots.


Plan b terminology used to make people sound like they knew what they were talking about.

Soon we will be talking about how Worsfold is messing with our club DNA.


You used ‘plan’ 6 times in your little spiel then. Impressive.


That was the plan plan


Always figured you as the ‘premeditated’ type.


One last thing on leadership. It’s not always Michael Voss angry face sledging an opponent. I bet there is plenty of focus in weekly review of what Hepp and Myers do around the footy. Hence their roles and respect.


Wish I had a premiership medallion and his pay.

You’re like the Josh Jenkins of Blitz, cheap out the back shots when the game is already won.


ur the kinda guy that has to explain their jokes.