John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


game was already won


After we scrape through against North


Don’t really get this plan, b, c talk never have. It doesn’t really work that way if you ask me. It’s more small changes need to be made in certain situations not a complete switch to a different plan.

What I liked more then anything yesterday. Was our ability to defend when we didn’t have momentum. Even the very best sides don’t play there best for four quarters everyweek. But they have the ability to restrict the damage.

Our transition from offence to defence was great. We made a lot of skill errors in the second half. But where quick enough to structure well defensively. Brisbane are quick on the counter and we managed to hold them up, more often then not.

I still feel we are a long way behind the top sides, and shouldn’t be. But yesterday was a great step fwd as far as team defence goes.



Ouch. Decent sledge.


A few pointed to Crows dropping Gibbs and ‘taking a stand’ in comparison to Woosh backing in guys like Zerret. Didn’t turn out so well.


Would be more like Stringer being dropped.


Plan A isn’t working? Go to plan B.

Plan B : Stop fumbling.

Plan B is working? Revert to plan A.


Just read through the last 40 odd posts. Why does @Paul_Peos hate worsfold so much?


Doesn’t think he has a plan B mate.


Why do you hate Woosha? @Paul_Peos


Does @Paul_Peos have a plan B?


I heard @Paul_Peos went into the coaches box and ate all the plan Bs in the coaches box and they had to close the coaches box



Max Pay attention. Im only going to say this once. You go over the underpass and turn right then go under the overpass and turn left to get to the ground. Right? Once On the ground you adopt plan B until the 10 min of the first quarter and then plan A till half time. But if we’re behind forget plan B and go straight to plan C and then revert to plan A. Is that clear?
Yes chief, up to when you said pay attention.


Paul Peos won’t be happy until woosha has a plan P.


@SMJ, @Klawdy, @efc1robbo, @FTWinderlich.

Oh, you guys…


Kudos to all for not continuing to quote @Paul_Peos - shows real maturity.


Having gone over the last 300+ posts just now, I can safely say that we all get on much better when we are successful with Plan A.

Shiel: Freedom fuelling Bombers

Essendon midfielder Dylan Shiel says his teammates are relishing the freedom to play an uninhibited, attacking brand of football.

After recording just 14 goals in a winless two opening rounds, the Bombers have booted a combined 37 goals in their victories over Melbourne and Brisbane.

Those figures have seen Essendon top the league for points scored in rounds three and four, boasting an attacking half that will only be bolstered by the impending return of Joe Daniher.

But despite the dramatic turnaround, Shiel said nothing had changed all along with the Bombers’ training and preparation.

“We were still training really well (during first two rounds), but it’s just been a delayed effect to be able to execute it (game plan) on the field,” Shiel told 3AW.

“I’m learning about this team every day, but it seems like the guys play their best footy with freedom and not having things complicated.

“Other clubs are quite rigid with their structure and game plan. The guys here enjoy the freedom to play an exciting brand of footy.

“‘Woosha’ (senior coach John Worsfold) really hands over the reins to the players and lets them take control, and the guys can do some pretty special things.”

One of the major beneficiaries of Worsfold’s simple approach has been Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, according to Shiel.

The mercurial small forward was unstoppable for a second consecutive week, starring against the Lions with a career-best seven goals.

“He’s (McDonald-Tipungwuti) a really good example of playing with freedom,” Shiel said.

“He’s got all the skills and tools at his disposal to play really good footy. When he wasn’t, it wasn’t like he forgot how to use them. It’s more a general mindset and psychology thing heading into a game of footy.

“Woosha sat down with him and had a talk about where he’s at, trying to release the shackles and expectations on his own performances - essentially just letting him play.”

After collecting nine out of a possible 10 coaches votes against Melbourne, Shiel backed up his round three performance with a commanding outing against the Lions.

The 26-year-old shared the lead for the Bombers in contested possessions (15), clearances (seven) and tackles (six), with his trademark run and carry a feature.

He said the synergy with his teammates was building each week.

“I’m enjoying ‘Bombers footy’ at the moment,” Shiel said.

“Personally, it’s just learning about each teammate and their game, and just being able to keep building consistency, experiences and minutes with them on the field.

“That’s helping me in being able to read the play, and knowing when I can and can’t go when we’ve got the footy.”

The Bombers are readying for a blockbuster three rounds, facing North Melbourne on Good Friday, Collingwood on Anzac Day and Geelong in the Country Game in consecutive weeks.

And while Shiel’s still awaiting that elusive first goal in the red and black, surely the No.9’s luck will turn.

“I’m trying, but I just keep hitting the post,” he laughed.

The boys hate the overcomplication which was what Neeld was doing & likely Rutten early on.

Thankfully we short circuited it early this year.

May the license to thrill continue.