John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


I’m not sure freedom is a good thing but time will tell.


That freedom was the game changer from the Tigers.

Remember the 2017 preseason and Hardwick saying “I’m letting them go out and have fun this year” and everyone thought he’d be the first coach sacked.

Same with Collingwood last year, lots of comments on how Buckley “loosened the reigns” a little bit and started to enjoy footy.


Difference being that both sides are defence first attack second sides.

They grind teams into oblivion and then put the scores on the board.

I’m all for it but we need to add substance to our game and start grinding out wins against top opposition.

Everyone knows our kryptonite and the worst thing about that scenarios is so do we. As soon as pressure is poured on we go into our shells and allow sides to dictate to us.


Second half of last season would not indicate that

Many games that wasn’t the case.


Who were our four losses to?


I would say the way we defended last week indicates we are becoming more defensively focused.

Perhaps we didn’t go further than 50 points in front because we locked down and played conservative and contested footy when Lions built some momentum. We didn’t opt for the shootout.


Yeah I feel much more comfortable with hooker back there.


fair play to worsfold, i didn’t think we could kick a winning score with Hooker down back and Brown up front but we did. Both those moves were a resounding success


So let’s get this right. Woosha’s Plan A is to get the players to coach themselves…?


With the exception of Dreamtime, in other said losses we weren’t dictated to after going into shells.

Pies had us on ropes early and we fought back and held them goalless for 2nd quarter. And we’re a few goals up in last quarter only to be over run due to injuries heavily affecting mid rotations, Zac & Hep were gassed. Pendles wasn’t. Lost by 16pts.

Hawks was a hotly contested game all day and could have gone either way. Lost by 4pts

Tigers 2nd game. They had us early but again we fought back hard. Lost by 8pts.

A lot of pressure applied and a lot of fight.

We also flogged WC, Geel & Syd, had a ripper contest vs GWS and ended up crushing them in last quarter, another seesawing battle vs North who again we eventually cracked and smacked Port even though they were in finals contention.


Yeah I thought we should have beaten the pies. I think we were robbed personally.

As far as the other games we really need to start winning those. The pies, Hawks and Tigers are all seasoned teams that just know how to win. We need to get there.

WC was a good win of course and Geelong I actually feel confident playing.

It’s a long season so I’m hopeful we can take the next step this year. I personally think that we have the list it’s now up to the players.


I think ‘freedom’ in this sense can be confused with ‘instinct’. And instinct can be instilled, with enough and appropriate training. Providing that bit’s ok, it becomes instinctual - which in turn, is playing with ‘freedom’.



Yeah it’s interesting how different the GWS philosophy is to ours.

Who knows if it’s good or bad at this stage I guess.


At the end of the day, the only thing that really counts is the scoreboard, and then the season result. History is written by the victors.


You should write fortune cookies :blush:


Why are Essendon paying him. He’s not doing anything



A number of years ago, I used to teach a discipline that had strong technical and also creative elements to it. My methodology was always to teach the technical first, instilling it and making it instinctual, and thereby, freeing up the mind to be at its most creative without worrying about the technical bits. That’s what I’m relating to, here.


He is saying they play with freedom, not that they do not have any structure at all. But rather than being told “you take a mark in the back 50 you can only do this with it”, it is “when you take a mark in the back 50 assess the options and pick the one that provides an attacking direction based on our game plan to run the ball”.

One gives freedom to make the decision, the other locks them in and they can’t think about anything else and default to something that may not work. If they have options they can pick the one they think is best. It may not always pay off but as they get used to it it generally pays in dividends.

It is what allowed Hird to be the master, he had freedom to use his brilliance as he saw best. In fact most the 2000 side felt and played that way.

It is about a game plan and style the fits the type of players we have, while other clubs build rigid structure and routine which suits their style.


I’m only teasing you mate.

I’m all for what they are doing but they have to back up what they are saying.

As I have said on many occasions, the talent is there it’s just whether we can get the best out of it.