John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams


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Off the bat - VERY happy we seem to have turned the season around and look to have rediscovered our mojo. So all good on that front however… my criticism of worsfold wasn’t based on two losses and therefore won’t go away because of two wins.

Lets also acknowledge those two wins have been against Melbourne (one of the worst teams in the comp right now - and not a defensively minded team right now) and Brisbane (who got a few early wins as young exciting teams tend to do, but in reality are likely to finish in the lower segment of the ladder).

I was listening to Paul Roos commentate on a game on Sunday… I think it was Carlton vs Suns but could be wrong… but he said something that stood out… it was along the lines of “I hate when a coach says that we don’t worry about an opposition, we will just play our style etc” admittedly it was about Carlton doing well and they ended up losing… but it was in line with what frustrates me about worsfold. yes it is great to have a Plan A… and when it works it looks great but it still concerns me that we don’t seem to be able to adapt when a team takes away our Plan A… I’m not just talking about having a tagger or no tagger… but in general.

The last two weeks have again shown why it is not the playing group, it has not been about the list for two years now - the players are good enough… right now the difference between being mid table and premierships will be the quality of our coaching staff and game plans and I am still hesitant that we will struggle against teams that flood the middle, force us wide and play one behind the ball.

Of course, as always, I would love love love to be wrong and have success (that is ALWAYS more important than a viewpoint) but I am just curious to see if we have taken that step forward from last year and can do it against the really tough teams.


Ok @cgates we get it, you hate Worsfold and that’s fine, but dont cry when we criticise your mate Dodoro as well.


This has been written to suit your point although I’m not arguing that it is your view.

I’ll put a counter par.

Let’s acknowledge that the two wins have been against Melbourne who were favoured for a top 4 finish coming off a great year, had started poorly and had the acid put on them to turn their season around against us. We didn’t allow it and they then franked our form with a win against Sydney in Sydney. Brisbane were three from three including a win against last years Premier.


Found the Shiel’s comments very interesting.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire so something must have gone down after round 2.

It is working for now but you wonder if a team not heavily reliant on tactics can win the flag. It’s not the 90s anymore… structures and defence does win premierships.

The saving grace is that we are now playing to our strengths which is using our speed to move the ball quickly and attack.

Time will tell


We’re not just attacking better but defending better too.

Only 19 scoring shots conceded in Round 4 following only 22 conceded the previous.

Defensively, if you can keep your opponents to only 19-22 scoring shots a game you are going to win a lot of games.


The commentators were noting our defensive setups and how we had Brisbane trapped

Two lines of defence zoned and last line man on man.

We actually need to attack with freedom to ensure our ball movement gets us in good field position to setup to defend.


is this a new thing?
a Rutten thing?




Exactly right and this may be the speed bump that stops us from becoming one of the elite teams.

I do reckon we lack sound structure and game plan that will hold up in finals and big games against very well coached sides.

You see these systems at Hawthorn, Collingwood, Richmond that are based on structure. We rely on raw talent.

Would never be happier to be wrong though if it does take us to success but going off the past decade, defence and structure has been the key to success


Clarko scratching his head at the new rules & how they were designed to increase scoring, but across the small sample to date, have actually reduced scoring. Reckons most coaches are still trying to work it all out.


A fair way off a premiership list for mine. JD would want to be playing and playing very well for that to be the case, as would TBC and they are big ‘ifs’.


Think he was just whinging for the sake of it.

It cannot be due to the new rules. 6-6-6 can only help scoring and same for the new kick out rules. If these rules weren’t implemented then scoring would be even lower


Yep i think its all well and good to back yourselves and play the way they have.

But against teams have just as much attacking flair and set up defensively well , they’ve been found out, even the saints this year with poor skill were able to restrict them.

They definitely need afsll back position so to speak that even in the 3rd qtr on sat , brisbane were more intent and the ess skills dropped off a fair bit, they couldnt break through the brisbane lines as easily just by playing on instimct and freedom alone.


Most prolly said that about the Eagles during last year’s preseason (many had them bottom 4). Same with the Pies making the granny. Same with the Tigs, who came from nowhere the year before. Same with the Doggies the year before that. Since the Dawks domination ended, the past three flags have been won by teams considered to have average lists in the preseason. Our list is good enough for mine.


I am (close to) certain that they were trying bring in a ‘Rutten thing’ and changed tack after the JLT.

I was concerned that pre-season was wasted and was told don’t expect anything for the first month.

I heard that the players were tight and the coaches held a long and heated meeting and shelved the initial structure/game plan idea.

I really hope that what we see now is a combination of the way we finished last year and input from Rutten and hope that it is sustainable.