John Worsfold


Haven’t listened,… but isn’t it more likely he said, or at least meant “Mentally” prepared? … and if he did, he’s right, and there isn’t much for it but Finals experience/schooling, which they just had.

Difficult to imagine he would have been saying, “I/we didn’t prepare the players well enough”, …


Need a couple of fresh assistant coaches and couple of good midfielders.


Yeah possibly/probably… but I reckon 95% of the blokes on Blitz had a pretty good idea what we needed to do to beat Sydney… and yet we did none of it.

So if the players aren’t listening… then why not? Are they the wrong players? Is the message too complicated? Is the message not clear enough?

We play a zone up the ground and we have been carved up over and over all year… that is a COACHING issue… that is a clear direction that you are to ‘sag off’ and allow the easy lead up kick and mark. Presumably the idea is to slow the ball movement down to allow more time for our defensive zone to set up. Unfortunately it means, in reality, that most of our slow ■■■ mids are caught in no mans land against teams with quick, decisive ball movement.

In the backline we positioned Goddard as the ‘loose sweeper’ but he was starting at the D50… he should have been starting 15m in front of Franklin. Ambrose was left on an island and he got burnt in a 20 minute display of dominance. A change in positioning and match ups did come… but the damage was done. Our ability to respond to game day situations is sickeningly slow.

Our strength was on the outside and yet TBell consistently drops the ball ‘at the hip’ and played right into Sydneys hands. The ruck should have been instructed to clear it wide of the contest to allow guys like Parish, McGrath and zaharakis to find more space.

Sydney defenders sit ‘back should’ with one sweeper about 20m off the last ‘pair’ at centre ground, and the sweeper moves only about 5m off the centre corridor line as the ball travels down. The Sweeper only commits to one side once the ball passes the centre circle. This makes the switch across ground utterly useless and pointless against the swans. Everyone knows this and yet we tried to implement it time and time again.

Sydney force you to back yourself, pick a side and attack quickly… and try to beat their defenders 1-1… we played into their hands beautifully. When we did go quick… JD actually looked quite damaging.

So yeah… maybe the players weren’t mentally prepared… don’t know, I’m not in their head but I know for absolute certain that our game plan was not prepared to play and win against Sydney. At all.


Listening to a small portion of Woosha pre game speech, I have to say I was NOT inspired. Speaking in mono tones, reserved body language, maybe that’s just his style.

Were our players so focussed on TRUSTING each other, that we weren’t switched on and didn’t turn up to play in the quarter? Consequently we were completely over-run. It was all over before it begun. Not only that, we lacked intensity more so than I have seen us in a long time. Nerves??? What happened??? We were like the deer overcome by the car’s headlights???

That game for us, was nothing but a forfeit.


I want caracella at Essendon. He’s proven himself at other clubs. I don’t want Dustin Fletcher to walk into a role without actually coaching somewhere else in some capacity. I’d have Kelly as a coach but not in too important a role, a developmental role perhaps.

I just don’t think we can do the same old Essendon think of bring the old boys club we’ve been for a while.


Worsfold, may have been the right coach for the first few years, post saga - a calm, steady hand with fish bowl media-handling experience from his time at West Coast. He still may be the right guy to lead the coaching group and figurehead the club… not much about this season however, demonstrates that he or the other coaches can develop a team and successfully blood a new generation. McGrath the exception… but on evidence McGrath would have done well at GC or Sea Lake seconds.

New, younger blood required in that coaching group


Neeld has a lot more influence coaching the team than people think. He’s a worm


You have been saying that all season. Is there anything specific you can offer up to help us see that? (that’s not having a go at you btw, just want to know as I don’t have access to the inner sanctum)


Not true

We had forty tackles in the first quarter, we matched the swans for intensity, and if Stewart or Zaharakis had have kicked straight and Heppell didn’t completely miss a regulation overhead mark then we could have gone in at quarter time in the lead.

Something happened in the second quarter. It might have been the 14 odd contested marks that the swans took or the 10 straight clearances that they won, but it was more likely a drop off in intensity. Nine tackles for the quarter and a litany of mistakes cost us the game


Maybe we needed more time to prepare. They oughta introduce a bye week before finals.


I’d throw the kitchen sink at Carcella… he will make a fantastic head coach. Has been instrumental in a lot of top clubs and knows his stuff.

I’d love to see Carcella get the gig… kick out every failed senior coach we have (Worsefold, McKenna, Neeld, Harvey et al) and then start fresh.

I’m not sure if Fletcher is the right choice… never talked tactics with him so not sure where he is at. However we do need a guy that has played in a modern style successful midfield to come and show our guys wtf every other club is doing.

Pipe dream cause club won’t do it… too busy clapping themselves happy for making the finals… but Caracella is the next big thing… we already missed Bolton and Goodwin so lets hope we get this right.


Everytime I see Neeld sitting in the box, I shake my head in disbelief.
I get the same feeling when I see trump in the White House.


Yes. And that doesn’t get fixed in a hurry.

That’s the reality. Now…but perhaps the right players are on the list…time will tell


Agreed, people are reading to much into it!

The players need games together, the game plan is literally only 23 games old, like Richmond, the team needs time to gel.


This is what does my head in… IF they are the wrong players then sack the recruitment team. Simple as that. 16 year rebuild and we still have the ‘wrong’ players… wtf is that?

Most of us a confident the following players can ‘play’ and are good enough/have enough talent to be successful:
Hooker, Hurley, Daniher, Zaka, Heppell, Parish, McGrath, Goddard, Fantasia, Walla, Baguley, Gleeson, McKenna, Ambrose. Merrett, Stewart, Begley

That is 17 players that, by most standards, are ‘ready’ for success… how many stars does it take??? I mean seriously… you should be able to at least be competitive in a final with 17 ‘AFL B+ standard or better’ players in your team…

Langford and laverde have both been busts so far, Francis has been disappointing considering his draft position… Some would say TBell and Colyer should join that list… making it 19 players ready!

I just don’t get it… I don’t get why we are defending this group like we somehow played out of our skins… we have a strong side on paper and we failed to fire a shot. The lack of questions scares me. Absolutely scares me.


Now you have me confused bro… Of course our best 22 isn’t as good As Sydney’s right now. Only one side wins the premiership.

We were up against it and performed badly.

I don’t profess to know that we have good or bad recruiters. I think people are guessing.

But isn’t it obvious we don’t have the players? Our mids at not up to it. Every single midfielder in our squad over the age of 23 has underperformed relative to there best as well.

I’m not having a go at you. I love the passion and I’m angry too but I kind of think that there are some obvious issues and from what I can see these are being addressed (we’ve drafted lots of mids lately, and against blitzes judgement even trying to get flankers to mid). But it takes time.


Our best players are all under 25.
The future is red and black


These guys need to play 50 games together.


I didn’t say the first quarter but there was something happening from early on which separated the two teams. I don’t know if everyone saw it, we were not building and Sydney were. Then they just over ran us. We looked like the under nine’s.

Sydney gave us a real footy lesson but will we learn from it? When you watch the replay over and over, you can see the momentum building. The way they ran in packs which was something we didn’t do or weren’t able to do or maintain. Their hand and foot skills killed ours. They made sure they either stopped the ball or stopped the player. Very few of our players we able to do that.

Our mistakes did cost us the game but more importantly, we were simply unable to be good enough for long enough. There is a pattern there and that’s one we need to learn to understand and deal with.


we play a fast attacking style which gets smashed in finals

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