John Worsfold


Yeah… I agree we need better players… across a lot of areas BUT I think we have a better list than a “over 5 minutes into 2nd qtr and get smashed by 70”

My point is probably two-fold… we need to get agressive in our recruitment and actually strengthen the list and b) we need to get new coaches that can get the most out of the list we do have.


I agree with the bolded.

I’m not qualified to say we need better coaches. I think perennial underperformance is a determination in whether a coach can get the best out of the players.

I’m not sure we have enough evidence to make a call either way after 1 year in which we probably exceeded most expectations.

But we got pantsed against Sydney, and that’s not OK.

And I would say we have had a losing culture for a long time. And is 24 mths (only 12 really) enough time for a coach to change that culture? I would say no. But the ones that don’t have ingrained habits re: Zerret, McGrath, JoeDan, parish, fantasia, Walla etc are showing more fight and temperament than the others.

So.isnt that evidence that they are intilling the right culture into them and that influencing the culture of our older players is harder???


I have almost zero opinion on Worsfold, even though I am thoroughly uninspired by him. Last year I zoned out enough that I saw almost none of his press conferences or post-match comments. What I did see hasn’t changed my inclination to do so this year, given he says fark all (which isn’t necessarily a problem).

The thing that best clouds this is the forward line, which went from zero to hero in one pre-season despite continuing to get awful delivery to it. Is it possible to apportion this primarily to coaching? Or is it, contrarily, purely the talent available?

Once you take an opinion on that part of the ground, can you then argue something different for the rest? Either Skipworth gets credited as a genius, or we don’t have the playing talent elsewhere. Neither of those options gives you The Answer about Worsfold.


Exactly what he meant IMO. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Sydney are a seasoned finals performer, that was highlighted in the massive finals experience gap.


That’s exactly what it means


I am more concerned what they might look like when they are over 25 given our stellar development.


I think he has but would like to spend some time with his family first. Think he’s got a job at Ch 7 lined up for next year so he if he were to go into coaching it will be in 2019.


…and Silver.


Yeah but theres about 6 good ones, the rest are about average at best. And we don’t have alot of faith that the current recruiting team will get the next 2-3 drafts right


As I see it, there are a few very strong camps. All are very convincing. So much so, I do believe they may all be correct.

1/ Worsfold is not the coach for us. Non-tactical. Doesn’t instruct well. Leaves it up to the players. Last flag was won with a team of sky-high coke-heads. Deadpan. Does not inspire. Game plan will not hold up in finals.

2/ Worsfold is ok, but assistants need to go. Neeld is a ‘worm’. All are failed coaches. Rejects. Too many old Essondonians. Boys club. Has beens. Not up to today’s cutting edge plans. Too long from the playing scene. Selection Committee is a joke, and everyone can see it. We allow our secret stash of sensitive family photos to get in the wrong hands.

3/ The coaching team is fine - it’s development. We bring 'em in, and fark 'em up. We imprint a stamp of failure on them. It’s infectious. Highly contagious. We stuff their kicking accuracy. We infect them with lethargy. And we hang on to them far too long. We rookie instead of clean out and refresh.

4/ Development and coaching would be fine, if we had the cattle. Which we do not. We have a soft team. One that is unwilling to ‘go the hard yards’. To commit fully and unconditionally. They lack backbone. A certain edge. We have a team of average Joes, surrounded by a small sprinkling of young super-stars who will soon be corrupted anyway. We need to bring in serious players. Ones with nice sensible hair, and that don’t smell because of their dreads. And they get paid too much. Or we get paid too little, take your pick.

5/ It’s not the players’ fault. The structure is wrong. The ‘build’ is shiit, and has been for 17 years. We cannot, will not recruit the right people. We pick up cast-off spuds from other teams, and we draft HBF to become mids. Our list management is abysmal and has been that way since…1980’s? There is an evil menace lurking in the background - one of many jackets…working his way slowly, inexorably, insidiously, white-anting the team…a cunning fox …that speaks Italian.

6/ Forget all that rubbish. It’s the board. The fish rots at the head. A weak and ineffectual board and management. One that apologises if they upset someone. Who are either unwilling to see the issues, or are complicit and lack the moral fiber to belly-slash themselves, so to speak, and give the reins over to someone with a steel rod for a backbone. Someone hard. Exciting. Glistening. Throbbing, even. Spill this farked up board. It’s long overdue.


You’ve forgotten 7.

Very good, though.


hahaha trust you to notice :wink:


The Swans didn’t spend 2016 on a boat in Croatia?



Essendon has said that every year since 2001’s “getting jet midfielders is our #1 priority”.


Hard to believe isn’t it.

Not getting my hopes up I expect us to come away with nothing during the trade/FA period just like every other year.


If all the bad is the head coaches fault, all the good is too.


I think you’re going to be very very …very…surprised, this draft period…:wink: :wink:

(nah, just kidding ya)


Ahh yes that old chesnut. Let’s blame it all on the saga… forever.

Reality check: Saga affected players yesterday were:
Watson (last legs, wasn’t in our worst),
Hurley (reckon it was the calf injury that hurt more than his time off last year - AA this year leads me to think the time in Crotia didn’t kill him too much)
TBell - Had a mare… might have been the saga or maybe he is just a bog average player that tends to go missing a lot especially in big games.
Heppell - Arguably our most ‘saga effected’ player all year… either that or the game has moved past him or maybe he doesn’t suit the game plan… or maybe this rumoured hip is to blame… I don’t know but I sure as hell reckon there are about ten things that would come before the ‘saga’ when thinking about his performance.
Myers - Was crap before the ban, is still crap. Blame the saga or blame the muppets who keep selecting him. They have had a full season to assess that he is crap and yet there he was… but yeah saga saga
Colyer - See Myers… had a brief patch of form in 2015 but lets face it… was scratchy for most of his career. no doubt the injuries and ban have hurt him… but we knew about that LONG before the finals and yet he got picked.

I’m not suggesting the saga is unimportant but give me a break… our performance yesterday had SFA to do with the saga. The glaring issues have been there all season and we have done nothing to address them. I’m not going to suggest the saga didn’t fark with their careers… but ffs it is time to move on. How long are we going to blame the saga for being unprepared??


You’ve listed 6 out of 22 players. That’s a fair chunk. It’s hardly an old chestnut. You are delusional if you think just because the club labels this season a comeback story that the past is behind us.


I brought the saga up because of the line re: players preparation. Given many of the players have suggested the shock at the increase in pace of the game since they were out and the impact of returning to weekly football on their bodies, I’d guess it’s what Woosha was talking about.