John Worsfold


Righto… then if that was going to be such an issue maybe we shouldn’t have selected them then… If they weren’t right then they shouldn’t have been picked.

If they are that mentally scarred then sack the lot of them and move on. The only saga-effected players I reckon you would bother keeping/close to best 22 are Heppell, Hooker and Hurley… if we could find any kind of ruck replacement I would trade Tbell in a heartbeat.

But if you are suggesting that those four will be ever unable to overcome the bans… then by all means trade the lot of them and start again… At this point the excuses have to stop… that is my main issue. Stop allowing crappy performances to be hidden under excuses. Every club has excuses… buddy got a cork, rampe broke his arm, mcveigh was injured, we lost naismith to richmond, tippett is out of form, the AFL didn’t let us trade, AFL took away our COLA…

The decision we, as a collective club, need to make is to stop making excuses, get ruthless and change our approach. Saga is done. Dusted. Time to move on. Start with finding the moron who signed Myers to 3 years, go to the group that kept selecting the spud and we are instantly a better team. Go to whoever was responsible for deciding we would abandon the hard man on man defensive web we spent six year perfecting in favour of a wait and see, hold back coralling web… that would help us not leak 10 goals in a 7 minutes. Go to the midfield genius that decided to instruct the ruck to tap to the hip str8 into the waiting hands of kennedy and parker all day… perhaps then we wouldn’t lose the clearance 0-7 in a row.

The stuff that killed us yesterday was not inspired, it was not unknown… these are issues that most of us have been talking about all season. The fact that we adjusted nothing tells me we were unprepared.

They have already shown that this ‘need finals experience’ BS is just that… BS. If you are good enough… you are good enough. Take a look at Richmond… they at least recognised they needed to CHANGE their game style to win a final and they have played that way all season. Surprise to no one that they spanked Geelong. Geelong has plenty of finals experience… didn’t mean they were ‘better prepared’. Last year the Dogs took down WCE at home, Hawks and GWS at home to find their way to the big dance… preparation is not linked to how many finals you have played… it is linked to a coach understanding the playing group, the tactics and being the right man for the job.

We were not prepared for the game… but yeah blame the saga.


Fair enough… but if the head coach thinks any player is unprepared… then he should encourage the match selection panel (which he is part of) to not select the player.

I respect your view and all those who want to interpret his words another way… but our coach admitted that our opposition was better prepared. Maybe someone will have the chance to qualify that with Woosha at some point but those were his words and I reckon, for once, they were pretty spot on. Sydney have a lot of younger players… but they were better prepared. They had a plan, they stuck to the plan, they absorbed our pressure early and then made the necessary adjustments at quarter time. From there it was all over and the rest was just time filler.


They are clearly best 22. I think of it like a player back from a knee reco, or a player off a limited preseason. I’d be shocked if the returning players weren’t suffering physically by seasons end.


I reckon a squad with 3xAAs in Zerrett (22), Hurley (26) and Daniher (23), one on the cusp in Fantasia (22), the rising star McGrath (18), Parish, Gleeson, McKenna, Stewart and Walla is in pretty good nick. If I was an opposing coach I’d be quite jealous of the young talent we have.

If a couple of Francis, Langford, Laverde, Begley, Mutch, Draper et al turn into players we are going to be in really good shape.

I ■■■■■■■ hated losing yesterday and I hated the way we lost even more, but 2016 was a necessary last hurrah for a few blokes that we owe a lot to.

B: Baguley Ambrose Gleeson
HB: McKenna Hurley Francis
C: Zaharakis Heppell Colyer
HF: Stewart Daniher Begley
F: Walla Hooker Fantasia
R: Bellchambers Parish Merrett

The future looks bright.


Everyone is amazed with what Worsfold has achieved with the team except for Blitz. Was a good first year.


Apparently, that’s ‘loser talk’, and ‘EFC is an embarrassment to it’s fans’.


John now has a chance to shape the list properly movingg forward for the game plan. I rate him as a coach…just needs the cattle to do what is needed.

I believe a lot of the returning players didnt have it in them to be two way runners. Have a look back at Heppell following Scully this season, just couldnt go with him…looked like he packed it in.

Possibly due to having a year out of the game and still catching up.

Another preseason and some added talent and I can see us playing finals.

He seems to be shaping our list to mirror Adelaide.


The future does look bright, but we made the finals (7th) so next year they will hit us with a worse fixture. We will have to play lots of interstate games. 2 perth, 2 adelaide, 2 sydney, probably Hawthorn, Melbourne and StKilda twice,
Theres a strong chance we will go backwards while we bed down a new midfield and that will not look good on the coaches CV. .


“Everyone”? Presumably you are talking about media… the same media that refused to acknowledge that we actually had a pretty decent team during 2013/14… the media who still believes that we operated offsite drug dungeons and stuck players with drugs every ten minutes?

The same experts who routinely fail to evaluate our game plan because most of them don’t actually watch the game but are instead too busy trying to come up with memorable one liners? The same ones that probably were surprised we were half decent this year because they have failed to notice any of our list changes over the last five years?

Or are you collectively referring to the “general public”… the ones who are so used to us being a non-entity that they feel we should be grateful anyone is even willing to coach our club (afterall it was suggested that we would find it hard to find anyone willing to take on the gig)? Or perhaps the well informed public that went on a public witch hunt on the back of lies and rumours? Or the one that still feels it was unfair we got a top draft pick last year because we should have been punished for a zillionth time?

Or are you referring to the same group of supporters that think we have “done well” every single farking year because they just love the club? The same ones who said the same ■■■■ about Knights after his dismal finals performance too. They proudly stated that Knights was the future and it was fantastic that he had taken our bottom three team to the finals in just one season and the future looked rosy and bright and wonderful.

I don’t ever think my club is an embarrassment to the fans but I also am highly suspicious of the “amazement” that everyone would feel for a coach able to limp us into a finals series with 3 AA level players, 3 Rising Stars, talls like Hooker, Stewart, Hurley, Ambrose… young guns like Parish, McGrath… perhaps they weren’t there when we lost to FC or Brisbane… either way I tend not to worry what ‘everyone’ thinks… what is important is how we become truly successful.

The whole point is that we allow this minor, shallow victories… like limping into the finals yet again and being duly dispatched… to think we are on the right track over and over again. How about we actually achieve something before “everyone” thinks Woosha is amazing. How about we wait till he takes us to a finals win, or comfortable top 4… or heaven forbid a Prelim or GF… then I will be amazing… until then it is just the same crap in a different year.


Hawks, St Kilda, Melbourne, Footscray and Port we will play twice


Nasty… expect Melbourne and saints to improve… Hawks are unknown but always hard to beat. Port over there tough.


Reckon we would have beaten Port.

Eagles should consider them self’s lucky they avoided Sydney


Fark that, they’ll be thinking the same about us.


We had an opportunity to finish top 4 and blew it.

Win Carlton,Freo,Brisbane,Sydney and would have gave us 16 wins and a top 4 spot could have been us playing in a QF final instead of Richmond.

Wasted season imo.


I think it was Lloyd who made the point where 2018 will be the first year that Worsfold will coach a team completely free of the obligations set by the 2012 drug disaster. The club was obligated to take on some of the suspended players that may not have had their contracts renewed in normal circumstances (Stanton, Howlett, Hocking).
With Stanton, Kelly and Watson retiring and potential delistings 2018 will be the year the club his finally completely free of its obligations. It will be interesting to see what happens with the list between now and November. What was interesting to me was that the team personnel seemed to be settled by round 12 with changes only being made to cover injuries or manage player load. it will be interesting to see what becomes of the fringe players in Laverde, Lanford and Francis. BBB seems to have got past them in terms of how the coach sees their value to the team.

I personally reckon that Worsfold has done a good job over the last two years, and I suspect the playing group (without having any inside info) would support that. I would call 2017 a successful year and the coach was a large part of that. However next year will be a decider for his continued career with us. I think the club will not settled for anything but a finals win next year. Limping in the finals and getting trounced week one will most likely be a career limiting move.


I think a comprehensive review of his performance can only be made at the end of next year due to the saga. However, I would hope the club hierarchy can see he needs new assistants, with an emphasis on mid field expertise and match day nous.


Lol. how’s the chip on your shoulder. Pedantic garbage. Paragraphs of pitiful whining. Spoken like a tool who has no idea of what it takes to bring a team together. When people who have played at that level are impressed that is a good sign. Your opinion is nothing more than a giant sook.


C’mon, that Half-forward flanker we get at pick 11 is going to be awesome once we learns how to play midfield and builds his tank.


I don’t agree with this bit. Begley (if that’s who you mean) has talent and potential. I don’t see him, at this stage, as any brighter a prospect than the other 3 you mention, and I don’t think the coaches see it that way either. He was brought in because he fit a positional need.


And not all of blitz