John Worsfold


I think the problem a lot of people have with Worsfold is his conflicting decisions.

He has said that this year was foremost about learning the game style, developing team cohesion, the leadership group coaching themselves on the ground. He never made any changes to the team when we were getting belted, as it was about the team learning & developing.

Then the conflict is that if this year was about learning and developing, why didn’t young players get a chance to play.

I’m definitely not one that wants to sack the coach, but it just didn’t sit right.


It’s a good point.
A possibility, is that the younger players not getting games were doing something deemed more important in the VFL.


We are an inside beast and classy jet away from a topline starting midfield.

And a couple more from having others that can rotate through tbere without a massive dip in output or performance.

Wonder if Woosha sees similar parrallels with his Eagles mids;

Judd - ???

Surely if anyone, it his him that will push for for mids.


I’m sorry that you feel the need to get personal. I’m a big believer in making points… not insults.

You are not the first, nor will be you be the last, to bring the whole “let’s trust those who played to get it right” argument.

Lloyd wasn’t that impressed and I recall him playing a few games. David King was impressed, but he regularly touts a team on the basis of one piece of footage in his ‘war room’ and it takes weeks for him to be corrected.

I think everyone is entitled to an opinion, however different, without being called names.

But you are right, I have a huge chip on my shoulder about what the media and public have done over the past 3-5 years. I won’t ever forget or forgive but that is my prerogative.

Not to pump your tyres but even you would know more about our team than most of the so called ‘experts’. Just because they were good at kicking a football, doesn’t actually mean they understand the tactics of the modern game, nor does it mean they follow OUR team intensely each week. I know a couple of people who work in media… many of them really don’t know much other than the names of players… most of the ‘stats/insights’ you hear them sprout are the result of researchers or producers feeding them info.

Kind of like how we knew Zac Merrett was a gun two years ago but this year the ‘experts’ (who have played at that level) suddenly noticed and thought it was a new found form line.


Disagree. I think JD06 is right
What does it take to being a team together?
Who are these people that are impressed?
And more importantly what are they impressed with?
We have achieved nothing in the past 15 years.


Imagine the conniptions when he gets a 2x year extension.


I had to google that!


I’m looking forward to it with much amusement.


Sums up the state this place will be in around 1/3rd of the way through next season.


Bevo last year and Fagan this year show that it can come together pretty quick. Both men took over clubs in deep crisis and within one season had made great progress. yes Brisbane won the spoon… but surely we can acknowledge they are in a better place now than they have been for a while… and Bevo last year was unbelievable.

Easy to forget that bevo walked into a club in crisis… fans and team divided… then had 2 of their top 5 players go down with season enders before round 5 and they played as one.

Not every coach will have the same results… and for sure our situation is unprecedented but time will tell how long it takes to bring this together.


Problem is it is back to crises mode for them. Players are divided and the coach and club don’t see eye to eye on the playing group and moving forward. Fans are not overly happy going by the Bulldog fans I work with.


Fagan took his side from 17th in 2016 to 18th in 2017 and you rate him higher than J Worsfold? You’ve excused yourself from all serious discussion on this topic from now on.


Yeah but they look better don’t you think?



If he shows a hardwick like turnaround then I would have no issues with an extension… I just hope that we have learnt our lessons and wait until AFTER the season finishes to make a decision.

Set the benchmarks and then see if he can achieve the required level.

I believe a finals win is a minimum. If he wins a final then I have no problem with an extension and I doubt many others would either.

If, however, we start strong in a soft draw and we ‘jump the gun’ sign him up for 2 years only for it to fall to ■■■■ and then we are stuck with a coach for two years too long again… then yeah ppl will be angry.


Now that I agree with.


No point having good players if those in charge dont give them the right game plan to be successful

Not that we ever end up getting good players in becuase we cant get any trades done


LOL, do you watch Brisbane games? Their list is complete trash. You simply can not compare the quality of cattle… if we are short of players then they are short of a team.

I didn’t say I rated Fagan higher than worsfold, I said that he bought his team together quite quickly. There is a very big air of positivity out of Brisbane for the first time in many years… players actually want to be there and they played some pretty exciting footy to end the year.

Brisbane will surprise a few next year… I highly doubt they will win the spoon again… lots of young talent coming through.


The finals performance was disappointing but the players will learn a lot from it.
We climbed 11 places on the ladder this year.
Well done Woosha.


They are not the best examples to prove your points, I don’t think.
Brisbane performed worse than any other team this year. Yeah sure - they look better than the year before. But it hardly is an example of a meteoric rise. Lets see how they fare in their 2nd year under Fagan.
The Dogs -an extremely talented list, an innovated game style - swept the comp by storm, won the flag. And now…can’t make a final, due to many reasons - some particularly telling. In fact - I can’t think of any team that would really illustrate your point well. A number of teams have performed better than last year. As many have performed worse.

Edit: farkk I must have taken a long time writing that! all redundant now.


If you look over Worsfold record as coach, rarely does he coach a team to a similar spot on the ladder 2 years in a row

They either get drastically better or worse.

IMO that’s exactly what we need. We simply can’t keep strolling into the bottom 2 of the finals anymore. Make a decision if it’s bottom 4, or top 4, nothing else should be accepted.