John Worsfold


Reads a lot like you rate everyone, including Fagan above Worsfold.


All fair.

I think just looking at wins/loss can be deceptive. Last year Hawks made finals, I didn’t think they would, and it papered over some pretty big holes… they made those finals on the back of some extraordinarily situations and umpiring.

This year the bell tolled.

I’m not disagreeing with you but I think the results are just one part of the story. Dogs got worked out for sure and it went to their head… but also their list profile was designed for a tilt in a few years… they fluked one last year and a couple got big heads and their salary cap got screwed as everyone wanted their extra $$. Almost exactly like Hawks in 2008 for me… won a flag a few years too early and weren’t quite ready for it.

I don’t doubt Dogs will be back with a vengeance next year… I have worries about their list though… which makes what Bevo did even more spectacular. No way did he have the best list last year… at all.

I reckon you can pick teams on the rise/fall by looking at far more than results.


Agree with all that.


Hardwick is still the same coach he was. Richmond realised they had problems and they went out and got good Assistants around him. Assistants that understand the game is constantly evolving. Essendon have hacks who have no ■■■■■■■ idea. If you change nothing. Nothing changes.
Our coaches have had no success between them.


No they wont.

I have seen no evidence to suggest they learn from things like this, even our coaches dont seem to learn. Been playing the same guys who make the same mistakes week after week. We have no plan B and a plan A that is easy to beat


Exactly what I said earlier. Our coaching panel is full of failed senior coaches.

The fact that we recruited failed senior coaches in the first place is mind boggling.


Not at all. Don’t rate Brad or Chris Scott at all… especially Brad.

Not convinced on Simpson or Cameron… Eade is gone but didn’t rate him at all… ever. Not sure how he ended up with as many gigs as he did.

Not sold on Richardson. I also (shockingly) think the game has got away from Ross Lyon too but he is very very football intelligent and a great motivator.

I was a big wrap for Hardwick but then have been glad we didn’t get him… now kinda wishing we did. Hinkley is hard… I really like him but its a long career without much success so not sure.

I really rate Pyke, Horse, Fagan, Goodwin and Bevo… also begrudgingly Clarko.

I think Woosha is a great mentor, a very stable man at the helm, I think he is very well spoken, a great media performer and has been great around the club. I don’t rate his game day coaching at all. At all. I also think the game has moved on and he hasn’t been part of a successful club for a very long time.


First: it is the 2012 AFL-directed stitch-up. There was no evidence ever mounted that there were illicit drugs at Windy Hill. Indeed, the AFL’s own tribunal found there were none.

Second, we will still be paying for this over the next decade, due to missing out on prime draft picks over two years while losing players as a direct result of the stitch-up, including two named as AA.


Why didn’t the club keep Goodwin? Big mistake


You forgot Buckley.


Goodwin left for his succession plan @ melbourne.

also because hes made of teflon


Don’t believe Caracella will move for another assistant job.
His next move will be Senior Coach.


Succession plan at Essendon


Yeah, he was the Good Stuff.

(Side note: fark 7’s pre-match trailer for all but saying we took GHRP-6)


You say tomato I say tamatah…I take your point but in the end whatever occurred in 2012 has done us no good and this is where we have ended up. Your second point is valid.

In the end here we are. What is the club going to do?

As much as we hated it I thought 2016 was handled beautifully by the club. 2017 the club is competitive and playing a brand of football that excited everyone with the 1st to 3rd year players (see Joe D, Zerrett, Fantasia, AMT, McGrath) doing as much as anyone to bring that competitiveness and excitement. So that is two ticks for the coach.

Everyone has rightfully pointed out that today finds us in exactly the same place as we were this time in 2014. The midfield needs work to take us from making up finals numbers to at least being a premiership threat.

My point is that 2018 is where we will see the real Worsfold team. You would think that the 2018 playing squad only has the players the coach wants and has plans for. Basically, if we win a final in 2018 he is most likely to be retained. If we are in the same place or (god forbid) we don’t make the finals, I wouldn’t be ironing my polo neck shirts five at a time.


he had 2/3 of the playing group for 2 seasons.

There inlies a big issue that is a massive concern for me.

2/3 of the group have been under his control for 2 years now. they didn’t have what i’d call the biggest core part of Essington around for a year.

Yet this yeah, the same systematic problems of the past 15 odd years surfaced yet again, in both coaching and players.

people say oh they’ll learn from this and get better.
They couldn’t ■■■■■■■ do it this year when they had the evidence right in front of them and it was still ■■■■■■■ raw from happening.

Why do people assume 6 months away from everything will all of a sudden
make players turn up to every game and play the exact same way, no matter whether they are a top 4 side or bottom 4 ?
Why will the coaches start picking teams based on form, and not names of players or personal preferences ?

It’s not even solely a worsfold thing anymore. It’s a you can’t change the the system from the inside by allowing the system to change you.

The essendon mediocrity culture takes over any coach that comes in the doors atm, and If worsfold can’t change that by next year, he’s not going to and never will, as he will already be apart of that culture making the same mistakes as all the previous other coaches.

on another note ■■■■ the pregame talk up by him was pretty ■■■■■■■ bland, softly spoke and just saying do all the things we’ve trained for the whole year. it was as inspiring as copping a brick to the face. no wonder they don’t turn up to every game motivated to play, if that’s how players are addressed before games.


Fark that ■■■■ me.


So I did… reckon bucks is a very lucky man to still have a job but I actually think he could end up rewarding the faith. Has learnt on the job and tactically can be sound but his people management skills are sorely lacking.

I would put buckley behind worsefold.


A couple of quick points…

The televised address has been commented on a number of times. Everyone seems to automatically assume that what they heard was it… not something said with television in mind.


Because the AFL would have suspended him like the did the rest.