John Worsfold


This is very true and I am heartened by it.

In the past he has not been afraid to dive down the ladder in order to build again.

I think we are 2 new players and some natural player development away from really competing.


So are you saying that he will coach us to end up back down the ladder next year?


Emma Quayle

Make it happen dons.

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I don’t think we will really know about Woosha until the end of next year. If he has been putting in the good work over the last two years (even though I disagree with his selection policy) then we should transition to the next generation pretty easily next season.

The plodders should be overtaken by youth who slot straight in. Watson and Kelly will have serviceable replacements that probably perform more consistent and better. And we should comfortably slot in the 5-6 range after a even start to the year.

If he hasn’t, the youth will struggle and we will go backwards.

I think he needs to find a new midfield coach, or swap skipworth to the mids. And he needs to work with Dodoro and Keane to grow the midfield group more.


He spoke really well on the radio this morning.

Spoke about Francis and our developing backline which I think we will see more of next season.

He has paid the debt to the past (giving games to returning players) and now we move on to the Woosha era.


Yup. This year was about culture.


Spoke ok. As a fan, sometimes i wish he was a little less measured.

He’s been great for us. But he needs to transition a bit too. There was an interview (might have been Goddard) that said Woosh was very calm and rational atm ‘which is what we’ve needed’ but sort of intimated that that would change as we progress. I hope so, at least to an extent. He cant be a ranter if its not true to him. But The Mollycoddling era should now be over.



My Hope is that Langford/Laverde/Mutch/Francis/Redman/Clarke/Ridley all have a ripping preseason, add some real strength and muscle, and take a spot by the nuts.


I don’t, right now our list is ■■■■■■


I have heard a few players say they havent heard him yell. He just give “the state”. Im not saying rip into them Every few mintues- but there has been more than enough time where a spray has been warranted


If half time wasn’t the right time to give a spray, there will never be one.

He seems to give too much power to the playing group in respect to them finding a way to change things.

I thought that was the coaches job?

As some have stated, his measured calm disposition was essential in guiding us out of 2016 and the saga.

He has now honoured those that were part of the saga, and I want to see HIM go up a level now.

2018 is where the scrutiny will be right on John as far as match day coaching goes.


This year was all about healing and making everyone feel welcome and enjoying footy again. In all honesty how can you be critical to guys who have been through what they have.

Next year will be brutal I reckon some home truths will be told behind closed doors.


Yep-this is what I’m hoping for.

The work ruthless and Essendon have not been said in the same sentence for 15+years.


That’s what we are hoping for anyway. Whether it happens or not is a different story.


The recruiting in his time has been on the right lines. Parish was the best of the mids on Saturday and he’s a kid. McGrath also looked good. They’ll muscle up over the next few years. Begley also was good and he has the frame.

Mutch is filling out, so that’s another good decision hopefully.

Francis is a brick shit house. Again. Tick.

Chose to develop and give games to Tippa tick. McKenna tick.

Hopefully one of Langford and Laverde come good. Or both.

So in the limited time we’ve had, I think it’s clear that club is trying to move it in the right direction. They need to keep going with it.

I’d like to bring in a Hocking or Howlett type off the rookie list or out of the lower leagues as well as targeting trades and the draft for solid bodied mids.


Because they are proffessions getting paid a lot of money. You cant keep on treating them with kid gloves because of what they have been through

If the criticism is warranted its on the coaches to give it


The final 2nd quarter was hard to take for sure, we just weren’t good enough. People can jump up and down all they want but fact is our time will come when the young group of players come through developing together.

We have a core of 19-23yr very talented players that we need to be at 23-27yrs old who have the experience and physical development to impact consistently. This is what Woosha says in terms of “what we building towards”

Which will also be seeing Hep and Zaka approaching 30yrs old.

Midfield wise. Zerrett has arrived. Parish is about ready to really blossom when they let him play permanent inside mid next year. Langford has done his inside mid apprenticeship in 2’s. McGrath will train with midfield group this preseason, so might Begley.

They aren’t going to be ready just yet to take it up consistently to a midfield of Kennedy, Parker, Hannebury, Jack and co. With a heap of very well drilled role players supporting them.

Going to have to be patient. If we can add in class players via trade / free agency it will help us get there quicker though.

We missed our time when Hirdy had the team flying & Jobe in his prime before the saga cost us it all.


i would keep harvs the rest can go


Pretty happy with what Woosha said today on SEN. Particularly in regard to Aaron Francis.