John Worsfold


He dodged the question re: McKenna coming back. Could have said yes, but started talking about a process the club has to go through.


out of curiosity why would you keep harvs?


The only time I’ve ever heard Wooshfold go ape was in a radio interview with Brad Hardie in 2010 when West Coast were struggling. And when I say ape, he didn’t raise his voice rather, he went after B Hardie personally after Hardie said some pretty ruthless things about Worsfold and West Coast. Apart from that, he gives nothing. So to those who want him to be more animated or colourful, forget it. He doesn’t do animated or colourful.


I don’t want a song and dance routine but if we had a cardboard cut out we probably wouldn’t notice and wouldn’t cost as much


What, takes 4 years to get into finals, then another 4 years to win one? Is that a thing now, the “Hardwick turnaround” ?


Oh, you’d notice.


woosh the kinda guy to calmly walk out of his office and smash his boss in the face with a keyboard.

wanted style.


well our backline has improved under harvs


I heard one of his former players describe the relation with Worsfold as being like a personal contract. He recalled that Worsfold doesn’t so much as look at you, rather he looks into you and you can’t help but do what he wants you to do or at least give it all you’ve got. He’s a unique character and is held in the highest esteem by everyone who has played with him or for him and is probably the #1 reason why the EFC went after him in the first place.


I’m still reeling at the fact that the only coach who has won a final at EFC in the last 50 years is Sheedy.


Stop ruining my fantasies of him going all Falling down


“We are not the same. I’m from Essendon; you’re a sick ■■■■■■■.”


I personally think the list will look a lot more balanced in about 3 months. It’s not that big of a turn-around, as we have some very high quality pieces in place.

Why do you think the list is fucked?


I could actually see J Worsfold specifying a CRT monitor on his desktop workstation purely for the substantial bulk it offers as an instrument of hand to hand combat.


Yeah its a thing… for exactly the reasons you mentioned. Hardwick came in with a plan… spent four years getting to a point to make finals… made the finals and then got dispatched easily (sound familiar)… so went away and rebuilt the entire game plan and structure to a more ‘finals friendly’ style and they make top 4 for the first time in ages… win a final and look very very good to challenge honestly for a GF slot.

It is actually a remarkable story of how to correctly rebuild a club on field and off field, but you can dismiss it… don’t reckon the Tigers care much what any of us think…


If that’s the gif I’m thinking of, it’s awesome.
Maybe not appropes for posting though.


We don’t have a lot of depth basically, and none of the kids in the twos except for Mutch and Ridley, Ridley is not big enough yet for the role he would play at afl level.

People bang on about guys like Howlett and Stanton getting games ahead of kids but the kids didn’t earn the games, at least those guys were consistent in the twos, and were only going to be place holders until the other guys got back

We really got hurt when any of our quick guys went down because pace sparse in the 2’s

It’s worse when it comes to inside ball winners

Even worse when it comes to good users of the footy.

Don’t get me wrong, we have some great peices who are all at the right age, but I’m quite worried a about the drop off after that.

To compound the issue this is really not the year to try and address these problems through the draft


Yeah, but what would they know.


Plan B - Revert to plan A


What did he say?