John Worsfold


Sp let me get this right, you don’t want Woosha after only 2 season at the club (one was a mess not of his making) and yet Hardwick is praised after taking 8 years to actually get a top 4 side?


Well he obviously didn’t have the look working on Saturday. Or perhaps it just doesn’t work on millenials.


the fuck you/off one? yeah


With the tooth.
Pretty sure I’m thinking of the same thing.




More likely that it doesn’t matter what he does, you’re going to find fault with it.


And you think he is terrific.


Hilarious that barnz and I have had the most useful posts of the last dozen or so.


stunning really


The (lack of) ability of our players means we get punched in the mouth a lot.


Fevola said the exact same thing.

I prefer the coaches to measured and controlled in the box. I don’t want the carrying on that the Scott brothers do.

However that doesn’t mean he cant make positional changes during the match


I’m waiting for a spray as well.
However these soft ■■■■■ get upset from a tweet by the CEO, imagine how they would feel if woosha actually gave them a spray.
Bunch of mentally fragile ■■■■■ that play the same way when the pressure is on


This is pretty much how I see it too. Would not be surprised if we go backwards next year in terms of ladder possession depending on what happens during the trade/draft period. But this is ok if we can see us building towards something. I think we need to trade pretty hard for players around the 21-23 years old. I think we have a great core group of players, but also some glaring holes that need filling. I think we would be about where Richmond are now if not better if the saga never happened.


10 goals in a row against us whilst sheeds was shown boozed up on red wine on the big screen.

The swans must think we are a joke.

Get Rockcliff, Get Kelly, shit even get Gary fuckin Rohan.


actually you haven’t got it right… you have mashed two posts together incorrectly.

I referenced a “hardwick like TURNAROUND”… which another poster then tried to suggest doesn’t exist, I was then explaining for greater clarity what I was originally addressing.

I hope we don’t give Woosha 8 years to find his way… I hope we do it right the first time. The main crux being that Hardwick had the courage to see his plan wasn’t working and make changes.

I do not believe our current game plan will get us where we need to go… so therefore I hope woosha doesn’t take 8 years to work that out and instead actually changes it next year.



That provides a very bleak perspective.

Of course J Hird would have done so before the farking AFL stitched us up for 5+ years of pain.


Goodwin is the luckiest man in football.


Paul Hamilton says Hi.


Bruce Reid says tell him to get farked


Umm you mean our former ceo right? the one now head of melbourne victory or someshit.