John Worsfold


I think giving up a 5 goal lead against an undermanned bottom placed side was more galling than losing the pier to pub to fark Carlton last year.

The lions game was a disgustingly disinterested performance. The second fark Carlton game where tippa got us home was pretty bad too


Yep, the loss to Brisbane was far worse.

We basically let them do whatever they wanted.

The loss to Sydney took me a whole month to get over. In fact I’m still p!ssed at that one.


The awful thing about the Brisbane loss is that mentally strong teams would have been angry about losing the unlosable game from the week before and come out and smashed whoever next week. Whereas we played like millionaires who thought they were above the opposition.



Not Carlton, not Brisbane, not ■■■■■■■ Freo at home when you need to win the game to make finals.
Giving away five goals in a row between the third and fourth quarters is not ideal either.

Essendon, and its coach, have a long way to go.
Yes, we’ve improved our list, but if anyone thinks Round 23 last year isn’t relevant, then, ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ me…


You didn’t answer my question.


Alright Mr Pedant.
Adelaide, Geelong at home, Sydney at home.

Having said that, I’m a realist, and I expect 13 wins this year, one more than last year.
In the one true free air season we’ve had since the second last year of Knights’ reign.
We’d better be good.


Duly noted


■■■■■■■ sigh

Glad you’ve noted it.
Sorry to be so unfarkingreasonable.


Let me put it another way.
This list?
Daniher, Tippa, McGrath, Saad, Stringer, Smith, Fantasia, Mckenna, Hooker, Hurley, Stewart?

You know, if we get 17 wins?
If we don’t get one more win than last year, when half our list was coming back from a layoff, then it is time for a new coach.
No beg your pardons, no excuses.

But I have every confidence we’ll get 13 wins.


But our list is in horrible shape.

Sack Dodoro.


Alright, if you’re going to be a tool about it, then I won’t bother with you.


If we seriously think we’re good enough to be a top 4 team, then we can only afford…
1 loss to a bottom 4 team
2 losses to a 9th to 14th team.
2 losses to 5th to 8th team.
Break even (worst case) against the 3 other teams in the top 4.

Lose any more than 8 games in the year and we’re a chance to be a 5th to 8th team.


And just to future-proof against idiots…
I do think we can get 13 wins this year.
At least.
I think that is a very soft and reasonable target.

If Hurley goes down midyear, then sure, reassess.
But as it stands?
Anything less is a fail.

Edit: And I’d consider 15 wins to be a very good performance. Contract-extension-worthy.


This so much, I don’t mind a bit of arrogance (I actually encourage it) but ONLY IF YOU CAN BACK IT UP.


I don’t mind arrogance if you have something to be arrogant about. Reckon we are a way off strutting about with our chests out - let’s do this after we beat up and bury sides consistently.


Sorry to disagree but not acceptable to lose to Adelaide, (flat track bullies)

And definitely not acceptable to lose to Sydney at home IN A FINAL!!!


Yeah, see I reckon arrogance is a weakness. Confidence is necessary, but arrogance just leaves yourself open to not showing up ready to go.


Arrogance is always bed. An arrogant person has no respect for those he deals with. An arrogant team does not respect its opponents. And that’s always bad.

Arrogance is not pride.


I’d say that’s fair.


Points taken and fair enough. My point was that before you even think of yourself in that way (if you want to) you need to put the runs on the board and they need to be big runs and often. We haven’t buried, bullied and ragdolled teams consistently for way way…. way too long.

I want to go to a game expecting us to win, and actually winning, and winning well. In a nutshell I want a repeat of 2000.