John Worsfold


All of you realise that it’s probable that he will have his contract extended before Round 1, right?


There were a couple of games last year where we actually did this. West Coast, Port Adelaide and St Kilda. First time we have just done the job, and done it well, in a decade probably.


Hird did it too. Wrote about it in one of his columns.


Hird wrote about outnumbering your opponents around the ball by method. Brilliant article. That one article increased my understanding of footy by 400%, yet when I listen to baz or read the age I spontaneously get dumberer.


Coaching team need to keep adding to the war chest. Last year we prepared well and our first quarters proved that. We can’t afford the opposition changing tactics to counter us and maintain the same thing because it’s working, we need to be proactive and make changes at the breaks and keep the opposition guessing. I’m hoping we have more methods to attack and taking time off the clock.


mmmmm… good point. Looking at that stretch of games we thumped West Coast and then lost the next two by 15 against Richmond and 16 against GWS, but then thumped Port by 70. Then lost against Sydney by 1 point, and lost to Brisbane at Etihad by 8 points. We then had three wins in a row against Collingwood (37), St Kilda (61 points) and North (27). It was a very decent run with three big wins. There is good signs we are getting there.


Yes. Hird doing it was the start of the conversation. :roll_eyes:


That’s one way to ensure he doesn’t last the year…

Surely, surely we’ve learnt that lesson.


tbh i wouldn’t be re-signing Woosha unless we finish top 4 or winning a final.


Yep, nothing like taking another year or two of mediocrity while the team gets on board with a new game plan.


I’d hope that a club who has so far this decade paid out 4 full seasons for coaches to not coach us (five if you include Hird’s suspension year), might be a bit cautious when it comes to coaching contract extensions.


The arrogance spoken of has nothing to do with the team or coaching staff, and all to do with fans.
This is a never-ending, eternal ‘thing’.


Says who? WTF?


Well Woosha and X have both said they’ll be sitting down in February to talk about it


Four? One for Knights and… who?


Two for Knights. On further digging, Hird only had one year left on his contract (I thought it was two), so I guess it’s three years, or four if you Include the suspension year.

That’s too many years, regardless.


It’s happened to the team too. Not often recently. But arrogance lost us the 1999 prelim, and cost us the 2001 premiership.

And arrogance is what let North Melbourne score 13-odd goals in the first quarter of the comeback match. Which is why I have always hated that game.


Sorry. When you said it was a Bomba Thompson thing, I took it to mean it was Bomba Thompson that implemented it at Essendon.


Clubs these days generally seem to prefer to give the extension and pay the contract out if it all goes wrong rather than endure the constant speculation when the club loses games in the final year of a coach’s contract. Not saying it’s the right call, but it seems to be the one most commonly made (Buckley last year aside).

The other fact that the club might consider is that Woosh couldn’t really have done much more in his first two years. Kept the club afloat and competitive in 16, made the finals in 17 with the returning players. I don’t know if he’s the man either (I suspect not), but to this point I would say his tenure has been a solid 8/10 considering the surrounding circumstances.


Generally contract extensions and pay rises are generally based on KPI’s being met and it would be difficult to imagine he hasn’t met them.

Three wins in 2016 and playing competitive football for the majority of the year would have been a massive tick.

And I suspect the target for last year would have been a finals campaign. Another tick.

Then applying all the commercial factors and what not and I suspect he will be signed up before the season starts.