John Worsfold


I have a problem with the tendency to anthropomorphise teams. It’s done so often because it makes it easy to write and explain a complex system. But it is highly inaccurate and in my opinion, only serves the medias-guzzling fans.
As in ‘Team Y is mentally weak’.
No, ■■■■■■■■, 22 elite sportsmen at the peak of their sport are anything but ‘mentally weak’.


Has his family moved back to Perth??
Geelong mates saying he’ll be gone next year.


Ummmm doesn’t than mean give human characteristics to non human things?




Aren’t teams made up of humans and therefore can have human characteristics?


A team is made up of humans, but isn’t an individual human and can’t be viewed as, or attributed the exact same characteristics as an individual. I’m sure there is a better word for what I meant, if I searched hard enough.


Clubs love stability.

His 2016 & 2017 would have exceeded expectations.

We have record membership and attendance levels very high based on exciting way he has the team playing. That adds to sponsorship $ flowing in also.

Players are all happy with him & happy at the club.

It’s a no brainer he will get an extension, 2yr IMO


Hasn’t put a foot wrong in my opinion.

And that’s coming from somebody who didn’t want him at the club.


Omfg, was it two? I thought it was only one. I’d purged that well. Farking Jackson.


One thing I’ve never understood is why clubs just don’t put in place different contracts.

3 year contract.
Max termination payment: 3 months wages.

How hard is it to do that. Some coaches have some power Clarko, Roos, Malthouse might be able to dictate better terms. But why on earth are untried coach’s who would jump at the chance to coach given such generous termination clauses, it’s not how any other business works(maybe CEO’s excluded).


How do you know that isn’t what happens.

We often hear comments like “he had a year left on his contract” or “he had to be paid out”. But as you said it is standard practice in most businesses that there is a termination clause which spells out the amount somebody is “paid out”.

I think the media inflate how generous contracts (player, coach and executive) are in the AFL.


You may be right. It gets reported that someone’s paid out $1 mill and the ex coach is sitting back thinking I wish.


FIrst of all, as Darli pointed out, I didn’t anthropomorphise anything.

Secondly, if you were trying to say that a team cannot properly be regarded as having a collective will, or set of characteristics, or culture, then I disagree with you. Strongly.


If he want’s it, … Too right.


I second that.

Jackson ■■■■■■ this club over.


Knights had an initial 3 year deal. After his second year, where we played some incredibly exciting football, beat some good teams, lost to the sh*t teams, scraped into finals and were humiliated interstate… He was given a 2 year extension.


Honestly what’s the harm in waiting til mid season to see how the team is tracking?


Media speculation.

Strong organisations back in the decisions they make.

This coming season is effectively his second year.


Fair enough. Looks like we are both strong enough in our opposing opinions to just leave it here then.


antromorphise is a very big word.

I looked up what it means and who-ever posted it first is full of shitee.