John Worsfold


There will only be media speculation if we are playing ■■■■. And if we are playing ■■■■, the media speculation might be warranted.

Also, I’m not sure strong organisations offer up contract extensions prematurely because they are scared of some media speculation.


A. That’s not the word he used
B. ANTHROPOMORPHISE a reasonably common word that most people would have heard or used


Could be.

Would hate to have to get yet another coach and start on yet another game plan.

I think we are clearly on the rise and now is the time for stability.


Talking about fetishes on blitz oh my.


Look, I hope he’s the right guy for the long term. I just think we’re right on the verge of finding that out.

We’ll have a much clearer idea by mid season, so I just don’t see any need to rush it.


What bullshite ?

Very few people would know what this word means, could be about rooting animals from one definition I saw. Nothing to do with footy.


Ascribing human characteristics to something non-human.

You could potentially anthropomorphise something for sexual purposes but that’s not what the word itself means.


Glad to have you on board, I have been saying that for over a decade.


When you say a shopping trolley is out to get you, you’re anthropomorphising it.


First time I have seen THAT word, but it suggests to me it indicates the desire to change someone into a certain Margarey-Medal winning rover who came to Essendon in the late 1980s. Not full of shitee at all.


Hird copped lots of crap (here, from opposition fans, from the media) for being a laconic game-day coach. It seems it is/was compulsory to be 100% embarrassing and making a fool of yourself.


I hope you’re not implying that shopping trolleys don’t have feelings and agendas.

Another good example of anthropomorphism, is pretty much all kids cartoons. Talking dogs, friendly crocodiles, shy grizzly bears etc.


Not if you think the trolley is a dog.

Anthro - human

Morph - change into something


I’d rather wait 5 months til mid season copping media scrutiny over him signing on (which would be minimal anyway) than us be 5-7 at the halfway point and the media carrying on questioning why we gave him a 2 year extension when we look like just another average team

Worsfold has been great at rebuilding this club. But until we look like we are a force who can not leak goals and not lose to garbage clubs on a consistent basis, I don’t see the harm in rushing a decision

Get us solidly in the top 1-6 at halfway through the season, and then give him 2 years


The good old days when shopping trolley poles were the weapon of choice at knife point.


How about our players show the ability to win finals for a change? The coach is doing a great job, the club is firing, time for the boys to step up.


As Hambo has pointed out, when will the players step up?

All the infrastructure is in place to be a successful club.

I don’t want to be that club that is in constant rebuild mode.

I actually believe we have player ownership now anyway so I’m confident we are going to have success.

I’m happy with what Woosha has done for the club so see no reason to believe uproot everything and start again. We would be considered a rabble if we did that, when it finally looks like clubs are starting to fear us again.


Sometimes these words just describe effectively what people are doing or saying.

For example there’s a bucketload of zoomorphising constantly occurring on this site.
“Stringer is a beast”
“The ump is a maggot”

Syllable count doesn’t equal shitcount.


When talking about a group of people having a single characteristic, it’s a ‘generalisation’ not an ‘anthropomorphism’.

Moving on… Sure, there can be pressure on a coach in a contract year, but you can’t ignore the possible pressure on the club if with all the fluff we’ve received in the off-season, we start playing bad and we’ve just renewed Worsfold’s contract for two years. No one is looking to grab Worsfold out from under us so letting the season play out a bit is safer.