John Worsfold


What? I remember his game day coaching seemed to be the best we’ve had since Sheeds.




Creative genius in the box right there


higher order thinking innit


and yet he could operate PowerPoint


Wouldn’t a creative coach use Keynote, not PowerPoint?
Should have realised there was a problem when half the selection panel started doodling 3 slides in.


You may have detected I didn’t think going full Fark Carlton was a requirement to be a good coach…


If Woosh is going to stick around for another year then I would hope we get Carracella as an assistant with him taking over at the end of 2019.


I don’t think Woosh is going anywhere any time soon. He had his period off away from WC role after being burnt out and will be coaching until he is sacked/decides to move on himself.

You don’t go through setting up the club and building list for future sustained success to bail unless that was your task from the start ie. Roos.

Driven competitive man who loves footy, knows how to coach and would be getting paid well for it.

The notion he will sign a 1yr extension and just hand over reins to someone is fanciful IMO

If we won the flag and he achieved what he set out to then that perhaps may change his thought process but again why not stay for continued success that you’ve worked hard to be in the position to achieve.


That’s all well good but with his family and kids moving back to WA it will make it tough for John to coach whislt being away from his family.

And ftr i’m a huge Worsfold fan and hope he sticks around


Wasn’t it established that it’s only a three month commute and it’s actually his wife that will be doing all the travelling?


That’s news to me.

If that’s the case then great.


He’s got a list and a club that is very very hungry for success. Craving for it.

Some players are/getting towards the end of their careers and would see this is a last true shot at a flag.

Young kids excited and enjoying to be playing AFL and hungry for success.

And some with a point to prove to themselves and their former clubs.

All this in a modern, high quality training facility in charge of one of the great AFL clubs.

He knows he has an opportunity to make himself an Essendon great if he can deliver us to a post-saga flag.


By established you mean one person on blitz?


I’m yet to see anything concrete on him moving home either…


Something special is building with this group of players i can feel it.


I might have thought their bark is worse than their bite.


It was Tom Browne who reported it and from what we seen he’s gets good mail from Essendon maybe that’s why everyone was panaicking.


You are the only one panicking.

You are already working on the backup plan


I wasn’t the only one and quite a few on here had the same thoughts