John Worsfold


This is a joke, right?


Knights had to go but the above is simply untrue. He cut heaps and we took heaps of draft picks and we gave them games. Some of them didn’t come on, many of them did. Fact is the list he inherited was pretty stuffed.


No it’s not, name the last Hawks club great to retire saying he could have played and wanted to but didn’t because the coach kicked him out and he didn’t want to play for a rival club.


I’m gonna say Lewis and Mitchell and Hodge would have all rather stayed.
Who did Knights get rid of?


I could name 10 premiership players he pushed who were all less knackered than Lloyd when he got pushed.


I don’t really understand why you’re comparing what Knights did to what Hawthorn have done in the last 2 years. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to compare to what Clarkson did when he took over Hawthorn, because at that time Hawthorn needed a complete rebuild, just like Essendon did when Knights took over.

Edit: Plus it’s way too early to determine if Hawthorn’s strategy from the last 2 years is going to pay off. Odds are against them I reckon, but you never know with Clarkson.


Can the season please please start already?


52 days.
Less time than it takes for guinea pigs to breed.


He was interviewed on ABC radio.
Early 2011.
Had a defensive plan but wasn’t good enough, and which contributed to his sacking.
Wouldn’t be drawn on knocking the executioners.


I don’t think anyone will be commissioning the P Jackson statue anytime soon.


The year is 2132. Club and league games record holder Mason fletcher IV has just taken over as Essendon coach, after a down period following their (record) 46th, 47th and 48th flags under Stephanie Hird Jr. 90,000 members a week pack out the Tullamarine biodome as the club posts record profits of 9 trillion bitcoin.

On BomberBlitz v214… “yes but Knights picked NLM”…


He’ll be in a very good place. The media will love the opportunity to get their hands on some of the finer details leading up to his sacking, during the book launch.


Nobody cares now. In a few more years? Hahaha


The full story from Knights? Bestseller.


A Knights Tale?


Knights Knifed


iirc the Essendon board told Knights to fix up the goal runs that teams were kicking against because we were ■■■■ defensively but he told them to get stuffed it’s my way or the highway basicly.

Also If he continued to coach,Fletcher would have retired and we would have never see him reach 400 games.

There is no sugar coating it Matty Knights was a ■■■■■ coach.


Knights did a good job of clearing out a lot of dead wood that had served Sheedy well but who were clearly past their best.( some former premiership players)

Bolton( can’t actually remember when he left)
Mal Michael

And his record against Carlton was very good.

That’s the only positives I can find


The only way they’ll sell any books at all is if they market it in some way in relation to the saga…“the coach Essendon could have kept instead of Hird” or some crap like that.


Will it make a stop at the bargain bin, in it’s trip from the printing press to the pulper?