John Worsfold


Which is becoming less and less relevant by the day

Remember Aker’s tell all after he’d been cut from the Dogs?


Nobody cares about ex footballers grinding axes.


Is that fair dinkum? A book?
That’s made your point perfectly :slight_smile:


Grinding an axe with Essendon is a sport in this country.


About 1.5 weeks after release I happened to be in a CBD bookshop.
Seriously had dozens of them with fluoro yellow “reduced price” stickers. Maybe a hundred.

There are a zillion sports books released every year. People buy them for their dads or husbands. And they’re probably going to buy the uplifting one, not the cynical one.

If he’s smart, he’ll sell his story to a tabloid. That’s where people want scuttlebutt and sniping. You read it, you hang ■■■■ on Gary from accounts, you throw it away the next day.

A book I feel would be a very sad choice. And it’s even sadder to hear (when he seems to have carved out a respectable niche as a development focussed assistant coach) that getting stiffed 5+ years ago is still front of mind.


Knights strikes me as the positive type so I reckon he’d be busy living his life rather than dwelling on that, so I don’t expect a book from him.
Maybe an open mike (equivalent) in 10 or 15 years.


But stander seems rather keen on Knighter changing everything.
I feel like we should sit tight, even if we’re not cofident.


I don’t know how many of those Knights forced out and how many simply came to the end of their own accord. Especially given Welsh was offered a contract under Hird.

Either way it wasn’t really those players who were the problem on the field at the time.


I actually forgot welsh played under Hird, my bad


Scott Lucas retired when Hird retired and Sheedy didn’t get extended.


No he didn’t. He played under Knights.


Didn’t he kick 9 goals in his last game against the Eagles?
The same game that was Sheedy and Hird’s last game?

Or maybe he played on past then?

My bad. Lucas played 2 seasons under Knights.
He retired playing his last game against the Eagles. His second last game was against the Tigers.

Very similar to Hird but two years after.


The bursitis years


Stats are overrated. :wink:


You’re confusing stats with actual numbers.
That’s actually the problem I have with stats - people tend to think they’re real.


Whatever format he chooses, it will raise an eyebrow or two, especially on a slow news day. It will come one day, guaranteed.
I’d certainly be interested to hear a bit more from Knights, especially about the involvement of the guy who sat on the board when he was appointed and chaired the board when he got dumped.


John who?


If you ask a few of them, they had years and years left. Just no other club was interested, is all.
Certainly JJ, Pev, Lloyd and Lucas thought they deserved to go on. He also traded Lovett and Nash out.
Hard to argue with many of them - don’t think anyone he pushed/traded did anything for another club. He put a lot of heat on Houli who ended up ■■■■■■■ off but that (officially) came post Knights.


Lucas was cooked and he knew it.
Houli was unfortunate. Hird tried to get him to stay, but he’d made up his mind.


Maybe even three eyebrows. But it won’t get into double figures.


I heard he was ■■■■■■.
They tried to get him to play in the final because we had about 3 talls fit and he said no, even though he was still playing VFL.

It certainly wasn’t well handled but that doesn’t mean the calls were necessarily wrong.