John Worsfold


Perhaps I’m giving him too much credit.
I remember him saying at his retirement press conference that he was there to announce his new three year deal, and how we laughed. So I assumed he knew.

But he was as done as any player ever has been ever.
Chasing the only kicks he could get from kick-outs, and I actually wondered if he needed glasses during his last season.


fit perfectly in a country road bag.


I think Matty Knights learned a lot from his sacking at Essendon. Moving on to become the VFL Coach at Geelong and now is an assistant coach. Proving that people can change but also often resist change. I have always wondered if he wasn’t employed to be the hatchet man.

Then so that when the Essendon faithful didn’t like certain players being shown the door it wasn’t the Board’s fault. As we know teams must keep evolving like life, the old must make way for the new.


Didn’t MJ, Solomon & McPhee all leave to the Freo retirement village under his watch?


I’m sure at least the first two went before that (and Kepler! How could you forget Kepler!).

McPhee walked after the trade week after 09, so yes to him. Did his leaving hurt us? We got Hardingham with that spot, he played 65 games, Mcphee played 56 for Freo. McPhee probably better for those games he played. But not by much.


Either way, he did clean out a lot of oldies that Sheeds would have hung on to, it’s just that the replacements he had weren’t up to it. He got a great pick for Lovett from the Saints then farked it up getting Williams & helping them secure Burgoyne

I agree with what someone said that getting a pretty ordinary list into a final was not a bad effort (plus he maintained our edge over the Bloos & Saints), but he lost the players in his final year, so sayonara.


He had some good points
But he wasn’t ultimately up to it.
Probably left the list better than he found it.


absolutely. The list he inherited was bad, really bad too. I thought he left it in a much better state


Essendon chiefs to sit down with coach John Worsfold to thrash out new contract extension

JON RALPH, Herald Sun
19 minutes ago
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JOHN Worsfold is closing in on a contract extension by Round 1 after impressing Essendon powerbrokers in his first real season of coaching last year.

Worsfold will sit down with club boss Xavier Campbell after the chief executive returns from an American fact-finding trip next week.

The 49-year-old is entering his final season of a three-year deal and said if he did not receive an extension it would not be a distraction to his club’s chances.

But after Collingwood had to endure a media circus around Nathan Buckley’s future the Bombers would seem unlikely to reprise that tactic for the 2006 Eagles premiership coach.

Worsfold is unashamedly targeting a premiership in coming years, having recruited a trio of exciting rivals in Jake Stringer, Devon Smith and Adam Saad.

After signing on to coach Essendon, Worsfold was then the steady hand at the tiller as the Bombers lost a dozen stars over a drug ban in 2016.

Last year, with his side playing an attractive, up-tempo style, the Bombers won 12 games before being well beaten by Sydney in an elimination final with Worsfold missing key players through injury and some playing in pain.

He is seen to have instilled a sustainable game plan, put in place a strong cultural framework and led the entire club as well as the playing group.

A one or two-year extension would add real stability to the senior coaching position after five changes of coach since Kevin Sheedy left in 2007.

Worsfold told the Herald Sun he was comfortable with progress on his future at the club.

“That’s coming up. Xavier is at the Super Bowl so I am on hold for a week. We have discussed it pre-Christmas and put a plan in place and that will all be pretty smooth, I would expect.”

Asked if he expected to be re-signed by Round 1, he replied: “You never know how these things unfold.

“I might be done two days after Xavier is back, it may be all sorted. But you never know, we haven’t gone into depth about the club’s aspirations in the medium-term.”

Worsfold said speculation about the future of senior coaches was unavoidable regardless of their contract position.

“That pressure is always there, it doesn’t matter if you have still got a year to go or an extra year.
“If you are clear on where you stand in terms of you and your club communicating strongly all the way through, you can deal with the external pressure.

“Sometimes it annoys fans because they feed off the questions the media are asking but if you are really strong with your communication and everyone knows where it sits the fans can make their (judgments) from that.”

New head of football Dan Richardson, only at the club for three weeks after crossing from Richmond, will also play a key role in the talks as Worsfold reports directly to him.

Campbell will meet with representatives of several leading sports teams in the US and Canada as well as hosting the club’s sponsors at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis.


Greats news.


yes … fact-finding trip


Great ball handling skills.


It’s surely a mere formality, would have already been worked out.

Probably just need X back for media street when the re-signing happens.


But, but, but… he doesn’t make any moves


…and allegedly can’t coach.


Don’t put money on it.
I reckon you’d be all over some new stuff by Knights.



  • Essendon Drug Saga
  • Coach doing what he said would happen a few months ago


Actually no. But a reasonable guess.


No idea what the fark you mean.
The article said nothing at all we didn’t know a while ago.
It also managed to bring in THE SAGA again, because, Essendon.
Ralph can go fark himself.


Exactly as I’ve been saying in this thread for months. On balance I think it would be a good move. Despite the jury most definitely still being out, he couldn’t have done much more so far to prove himself.

We avoid media speculation all year, which is a positive thing. Sure it might go wrong 19-20 months from now, and we might have to pay, but Essendon always leans on wealthy donors for those sorts of payments anyway.