John Worsfold


Two years would be fair and sensible for all. If it’s all going well then you just let the good times roll on. If it all goes sour then you call it quits.


I already told you guys to relax, he ain’t going anywhere.


I thought you said TL;DR???
proper triggered…
It said Worsfold coached a team missing 12 players due to a drug suspension. That happened… And in terms of Worsfold’s tenure as coach here and what he’s achieved thus far it’s relevant…


So why’s he asking all the folk at Essendon to put aside empty cardboard boxes for him…?


Box fetish?


He’s building a fort


Surely that will be for all the fan mail this year?


You don’t need a box for emails, tweets and facebook posts.



My Mum used to send letters to Kevin Sheedy. Not always positive either, and she’d often give her thoughts on how the team was travelling.

He (well, his assistant I assume) responded every single time, addressing every point she’d made.


Were the replies really weird ramblings that went off on random tangents?


There was one that was a bit weird, which I assume was the one he wrote himself.


If the letter said “probably” a lot, then it would have been him.


His replies were returned on the back of beer coasters.


I’m not on board until @cgates is.


2 year deal imminent


We’ll I’m not big mistake




When are you going to ■■■■ off


John Worsfold poised for two-year contract extension at Essendon

SAM EDMUND, Herald Sun
February 13, 2018 7:30pm

JOHN Worsfold will be offered a contract extension by Round 1, with Essendon chiefs delighted with his coaching.

The Herald Sun understands Worsfold will be presented with a new two-year deal after navigating the Bombers through an unprecedented period.

The 49-year-old, who is entering the final season of a three-year deal, is expected to sit down with Essendon powerbrokers before the end of the month.

Neither coach or club have been in a hurry to put pen to paper over pre-season, with chief executive Xavier Campbell only recently returning from overseas and Worsfold comfortable sitting tight.

But a new arrangement appears a virtual formality and one the Bombers want to have finalised by the start of the season given the potential for distraction.

The club feels 2018 will be Worsfold’s first proper season in charge. The 2016 campaign was a write-off because of the ASADA drug ban, while last year Worsfold was seen to have one hand tied behind his back as he tried to reintroduce 10 players.

The 2006 West Coast premiership coach took the Dons to 12 wins in 2017 playing an attacking corridor-based game before they were well beaten by Sydney in an elimination final.

Yet the recruitment of established rivals Devon Smith, Jake Stringer and Adam Saad shows a coach who believes his side can push for a premiership in the near future.

Worsfold hinted before last year’s elimination final loss to Sydney that he was only just getting started.

“I’ve got some specific things I want to achieve with the Essendon Football Club and these first two years there’s probably been a different set of goals, or maybe additional goals, compared to normal,” he told the Herald Sun.

“I’ll work in with what the club’s vision is and as long as that’s aligned and we’re achieving the goals we want, then hopefully it’s a nice, long partnership.”


Show some respect pea heart.