John Worsfold's Thread of Excellent Questions

You reckon he’s still feeling that way?

lol I wasn’t having a go at him totally. Just saying that I think it is time for a clean out and fresh look at all areas of the club. That area of the club hasn’t changed a lot over these years of poor performance.

Probably, he prefers older to younger with the players, so why not with the coaches?


His injury status was obviously well-known earlier in the piece.

The medical staff (assisting the Coaches) deemed him available & then his name moves to the match committee for selection. The Coaches would have debated the pros & cons of risking him, but ultimately Woosha could have deemed the risk of breakdown too great or even his impact on games as too limited to risk him.

They chose otherwise & it took Joey himself to admit (post the Dawks) game that his performance was being impacted. They could see that (after 7 games) but did nothing about it.

Again, I hold Woosha responsible.

Pretty sure Reid is finishing up this year anyway


Woosha- can you please escort Doc Reid out of the building and thank him for his efforts?

You assume the docs told him that he was bad and might break down. What if they said he is good to go, a little general soreness but should be fine and we are managing him?

Lol, I didn’t realise this was the new worsfold thread. So I took the thread title literally…


He has been suffering from osteitis pubis & knee tendonitis. This diagnosis wouldn’t have been made in the past week. The docs would have known earlier & your implication that they would withhold that info from the coaching unit & label it ‘general soreness’ is incredibly naive.

AFLPA code of conduct protects players health in that no club can name a player unless they have medical sign off, all medical reports go through to the AFL and the AFLPA

If the club knew he had OP he wouldn’t not be playing, I’d say the groin soreness developed into OP.

An argument can me made that the club should have seen the groin injury as a likely risk factor towards OP but suggesting the coach deliberately played an injured player is just out of control confirmation bias

There are sore players in every team out there. At some point soreness impacts their game to the point when they are rested. Its a judgement call and requires honest feedback from the player to make the correct call on it.

Joe has history in this regard, having put his hand up for selection when grossly sore. Was it 2015 ?

Not exactly true.

In the past, Clubs would reduce workloads or even rest players, but treatments have evolved & now most Clubs adopt strengthening exercises on surrounding/supporting areas. It is a complex injury, so honest player feedback is important.

So, players can & do play, even after an OP diagnosis (think Chris Judd). The question on management of the injury remains & I find it astonishing that the Club couldn’t correctly ascertain that he was hampered & doing potential further damage the longer he played. It shouldn’t have reached the point where the player had to pull himself from playing.

p.s. Bowen wrote a piece on this around 5 years ago (for your reference).

No. Neeld was known as a failed senior coach, who moved into player development role and gained a reputation as good at it. We employed Neeld in that role, Head Of Player Development . When Bluey left at the end of last year, Worsfold needed an assistant to work on tactics aka “game performance” and Neeld was appointed .
It was a bridge too far for Neeld. Game performance should be a primary domain of the head coach. Clearly Neeld got in Worsfolds ear and became his advisor.


Why did he get the gig at Melbourne?

Probably had pie charts and graphs on his laptop, and the secret herbs and spices from Malthouse’s game plan.

Now you’re being an idiot.

You asked the question.

Its true stander, he left Collingwood in posession of Malthouses IP.

Edit: He learned it while he was an assistant at Collingwood. Its all been discussed in another thread

I would never have guessed that an assistant coach would move on to another club without some IP tucked away in his kit bag.

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So he left Collingwood and was known as a decent assistant coach?