Josh Schache


Yeah we’d definitely be sticking him straight into fwd line and Hooker would go back. Even if he had a lesser impact fwd (to be expected) than Hooker would. JD & Stewart would be the focus anyway.

Clearly we are trying to get to point in 2-3yrs where we can really have a crack. And letting Schache develop next to the other two will be the way to go.


I could think of about 200 blokes I’d prefer.


Brisbane and Schache mutually agreeing to part ways.

Article here so no one has to click on the age

“Brisbane Lions and young forward Josh Schache have agreed to seek a trade deal to return the homesick player to Victoria.
The Lions met with Schache late last week and, sensing he was still homesick despite having signed a new two year contract mid-year, raised the possibility of a trade. The player agreed he’d prefer to move if it could be worked out.

Football manager David Noble met with the 20-year-old former number two draft pick and his manager Dave Trotter last week after Schache returned from a family holiday.
Noble said the club was mindful that in Schache’s case the discussion of his future would continue among Victorian clubs over the next two years, and so they made the offer to trade knowing he was still battling homesickness after a difficult year in Brisbane.

The Lions allowed Schache to travel home to country Victoria early at the end of the season. After returning, the young key forward realised how much he missed his family network. That feeling was reinforced on his recent family holiday.

“I met with Josh and Trotts and asked if he felt settled, and offered the option of a return if an opportunity arose in the trade period”, Noble said.
Trotter said it was a mutually agreed decision and not pushed by either party. He said Schache was prepared to remain in Brisbane if a deal couldn’t be done. Schache has not nominated a preferred destination club.”


Surely not. We wouldn’t have the cap space for all 4 S’s


He would inherit Francis’ contract I suppose.






I can’t see us being able to out-bid other clubs who have much greater need for a structural KPP like Schache (both $$$ and picks).


I find it interesting that since people in the know here started talking about Schache that it is now on the media more and more. Does the media just read footy forums or has it been in the media for a while but I’ve just missed it.

And FTR I’m with HAP on this one, not really too keen on this guy, especially of its going to cost even a 2nd round pick


He didnt rate him at the time to go so highly. And what he has shown so far backs up why he didnt rate him.


9 goals in 10 games, less than 10 possies per game. We all know KPFs take time, but he’s more a project pick at this stage than a gun #2 pick.


Brisbane want 2 first round picks for him.




We’ll give them pick 55, that’s what we got for Gumby who was our no 2 draft pick


I’d love him to land at Essendon for a late first rounder. Had a very promising first year and then struggled in the second. News flash - 19/20 year old KP forward struggles in 2nd year. It’s hardly worrying if he’s not happy in Brisbane, a theme that has been prominent for the last 5 years.

I agree that our forwardline won’t be as good with Hooker going to the backline but at the end of the day if our team ball movement and team pressure/defence is good enough then that should allow any forwardline to function, especially if we’re adding Smith and Stringer to an already threatening forward group.

I see a JD, Schache and Stewart setup a good setup we can build a future around. With Stringer as another option when he is not midfielding. Yes one of Stewart/Schache might miss out sometimes depending on matchups but it is one with huge upside when they mature.

Francis -> Cameron -> Schache

Get it done.


Is schache really an upgrade on Francis? Could we not do the same forward line with Francis and send hooker back?


Hooker isn’t moving back, it won’t happen. Why do people keep banging on about this?


Then we will have zero interest or need in schache.


Shache will be going to someone like the Pies or Saints imo.


Not sure we are looking for an upgrade. Think we would settle for fair compensation at this stage.