Josh Schache


I thought the whole point of the Lions getting Schache was that he’d want to stay there.


Buckenara states:
Schache is worth a first round pick plus a second round pick or player.
Francis is worth a second round pick.

Both have completed their second years having shown fark all.
Both have similar type of bodies which need time to develop.
Both are homesick, battling personal issues and still in contract.
Both are still rated based on their junior output and draft number.
Schache has played a handful more games which gives a better glimpse into what he is capable of.

Why is it that both players are not rated similarly in terms of worth?


im going to guess because frang isnt a true KPP.


Francis is a bit between types physically and the hearsay about his commitment on the track has, unfortunately, been pretty loudly broadcast. Schache actually played very well year 1 in afl


199cm KPF/ruck pinch hitter with a huge tank and beep test
193.5 Utility still working into fitness

It’s based on availability/demand.


Schache has also played 57 games.

Correction 27 games


For a team finishing last and second last. Easier to get games in that circumstance (well, this year. To be fair there were opportunities if Francis could have grabbed them last year!).


How will recruiting Lavander effect our view of Schache?

Seem to be vying for the same position and there’s been little lost in the recruitment of Lavander as a Cat B.


Stewart is a better prospect than Schache.


Over 100 posts since l last looked in this thread and not one of them has mentioned how or what we might need to trade for him. He won’t come cheap and and any attempt to get him to Essendon would be based on losing high 2018 draft picks. l don’t believe it can be done.


Close the curtains on this thread, all 204 cm of Lavender curtains. If only we had a Draper tall enough to hang them.

I could’ve done something better with this but I have to get back to work.


That would depend if we were standing behind him or not…


Why are we even talking about this bloke, Essendon are not interested!


Yes it’s over with this bloke.


Watch Hawthorn swoop in, and get this bloke with an average average player and a late pick.


Bulldogs supporters raving about on trading 11 for schache, hopefully they are about to be very disappointed


Cameron to Brisbane
Schache to WB
Stringer to Essendon
Francis to Adelaide

Brisbane happy?
WB seemingly happy (if willing to trade Stringer for pick 11 and wanting to ontrade it for Schache)
Essendon (very) happy
Adelaide maytbe need more? If so, we throw in pick 47 to Adelaide.


I can understand that they see Shache and Stringer as being of equal worth.


I’m more hoping they will be disappointed at never getting pick 11


If any truth to this looks like will be at the Pies