Josh Schache


In that case will fit in extremely well at Port


Could a 3 way with Francis to Adelaide, Schache to Ess and Adel pick to Bris work?

Francis will leave anyhow at some point…




Not convinced of that Clone Hirdy.

If all our trades fall into place with 24 hours left don’t be surprised if we ask some questions about Schache…

If we came out and said we wanted Schache publicly it would have caused panic amongst Smith, Saad, stringer and their managers. This way we prioritise these 3. Get them done, then ask the questions later.

Would be hilarious if we got all 3 done and then Schache has an option between us and Dogs. We then go future first rounder and give the 2 fingers up to dogs.

Absolute dream result.

Schache would be awesome for us.


keep him for at least another year. If we can get Stringer without having to offload Aaron, we should.


Yep. By the end of those trade period our backline will be our weakest area from a depth perspective. Has a big role to play


I don’t think Francis leaving is a given. I reckon with some good family support and better senior exposure things can turn around for him at EFC.


He’s gone. Based on what I’m hearing, it seems the club wants this deal done as much as Francis does. I sense a similar discussion was had between woosha and Francis, to the one becoming and stringer had. Only difference is Woosha’s not a dumbass that made it public!


So who replaces Hooksey or Daniher if they go down injured??






Most of the character names in Enid Blyton books wouldn’t get past the blitz swear filter.

■■■■. ■■■■■.


I would love to get Josh Schache to the Bombers, but Weitering shat all over him in U/18’s I think so better not select him to play the blose.


Weitering is a very ordinary one on one defender too. Great intercept defender though.


Agree with the intercept part, but what are you basing the one on one defending part on?


Watching him defend. Most blues fans want him forward, because his contested marking is superb, but his ability to stay with an opponent and his spoiling are surprisingly poor.


Bizarre isn’t it? And still, after all this time, it hasn’t been sorted out.

Ridicublitz …


Most of them dont get past modern pc!

I bought my daughter a couple of modern print runs and the names had been changed ! Utterly ridiculous.



In the US now, apparently the N-bomb has been removed from Mark Twain novels.

I mean, I get it… Sorta, but these books are history. You can’t change history.


OK, was a cut above everyone at school level in practically every skill.