Jury duty

I’ve been called up for jury duty. Couldn’t get out of the whole thing but keen to not be selected as I have an old mate coming up on holiday from Melbourne. That’s no excuse obviously but still not keen to be tied up for an indefinite time for 100 bucks a day and an hour travel each day. Any tips for not making the final selection please? Thanks in advance.

Yes. Go for the first day. There is a good chance you get selected from the pool to sit on the jury panel. If you do, when you enter the court room the judge will ask all jury members if they believe they can act fair and aren’t biased in any way, and if you are biased, the judge will exclude you. My hearing was for a hit and run case, I simply said (lied) I had a friend who recently got hit by a car which made me biased. Judge agreed I would be biased in that case and excluded me. You then get put back into the jury pool room and that will most likely be the end of it, unless there is another hearing requiring a jury that day, in which case you just do the same thing.

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And your employer is required to top up your pay so you make your normal days wages too, it’s not just a flat rate of x per day, so don’t worry about losing out on $$$

Do your civic duty and don’t dog it.


I’m a self employed golf pro whose last venue got sold for housing so in difficult times up here on the gc I am not going to be topping up my wage. Jury tip was awesome Alex.

Who is being dogged for 100 a day.

Do you have a hearing loss? If so get a letter from an Audiologist saying your hearing is unreliable.

i’d think a sparky/plumber would help more with heating than an audiologist.

What do you mean @barnz ?

You need an Optometrist you old ■■■■■■■ :lying_face:

Disclosure - I may have edited it!

I’ve been called up for jury duty 3 times.

2 x watched a video clip about it. The a court person came in and said we could leave.

Other time there was a challenge, got no idea why, but that was it, then went back to work.

I wish I could be on a jury. Would be so cool but lawyers are excluded.

And please don’t take notice of anyone advising you to lie to a judge in court! Not wise.


is that advice?

Not even stretch the truth? Live a little SMJ

I’ve been called twice. First time I didn’t even see the inside of a court room.

Second time I got called in as part of a pool for a case. They read the charges and then they do jury selection where out of the 30 odd randomly selected into the court room they again do random selection to get the 12 jurors. During that final process each side gets a maximum of three challenges where they basically say I don’t want that person.

Anyway, no exaggeration, the charge list took 15 minutes to read and it was all sexual assault of minors. It was horrific and that was just the charge list. Fortunately my name didn’t come up in the random selection…

My advice is dress up in a suit and look intelligent. The reality is both sides want people they think can be easily manipulated. They are less likely to want you if they see you are capable of independent thought.


By live a little do you mean commit contempt of court? Punishable by prison?

Hell yeah live it up brother!


Wear your best suit. Tell anyone who cares to listen that you’re really, really looking forward to doing your duty as a juror. Say you think our society is soft on crime and the causes of crime. Bring back the lash !


That’s exactly what I mean. Ive never lived so close to the edge than I did on that day.

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One of the worst experiences of my life. Can’t give details because that’s against the law but sitting in a room for two weeks with morons hurling abuse at me and threatening physical violence was totally crap. There are many guidelines and rules regading behaviour and interpretation of the law but idiots gonna be idiots. This also occurred at peak ASADA; my views on the law and where I sit as a citizen are forever tainted. I’ll never do it again, stick me in jail for a week, I’d rather that than jury duty. I got $40 a day and got no time off as I’m a casual.

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Wtaf being advised to lie to a judge in court ffs.


Jury duty is fun, although I have always enjoyed silently judging people.