Jury duty


@SMJ, as the resident lawyer, can you not give details post sentencing/verdict if you have been on the jury? I would have thought at that point, it doesn’t matter as the case has been heard in full?

Not asking you to recount anything either, @hambo. It sounds like what you went through was highly traumatic. I am just curious as to how things proceed post trial.


I’ve been called up twice. First time didn’t have to go in, second time sat there for 2 hours then was sent home as no jury needed and excised for 2 years. Now I’d be excused as I have a baby

Being self employed might excuse you though?


Not necessarily.


We were basically told to keep our mouths shut and not discuss it with anybody. Here’s an envelope with a few bucks in it. Now go down to the pub and have a drink with the people that threatened to punch your face in because you have a different opinion.


I served on jury duty - same as Hambo above.


The trick is to say you’re prejudiced against all races


Will admit, I don’t envy those who have had to sit through trials of particularly horrific crimes, like rapes, murders and crimes against children.

Thankfully, in the first case I was up for selection for, which was a rape/domestic abuse trial, I knew one of the lawyers involved so I was dismissed.


The problem then is the One Nation Party will try and recruit you.


Or just periodically quite loudly proclaim “I fark’n hate Coppers”, all day.


Or wear a MAGA cap


“I’d be a great juror; I can tell if someone is guilty as soon as I see them.”

(Never been called up; a workmate of mine got called recently and the two trials being selected that day were Bourke Street killer and Pell. He wasn’t chosen.)


I applaud the jurors willing to be part of either of those trials. Both seem like cases where hearing the evidence would be absolutely horrific.


Have done some reading and it turns out it’s to protect the identity of other jurors, and not disclose how the verdict was reached, which makes more sense.

Anything that is on public record can be discussed, and that is where I was confused. I couldn’t fathom that if I sat in the public gallery, I could talk about what I saw until the cows came home, but those on the jury were sworn to secrecy post trial.


I’ve been called in a few times and never had to do it.

First 3 times I post poned it - just needed to write in an exemption letter with a legitimate excuse signed by someone with authority.

  • My excuse was always Uni Exams
  • Small business owners and financial hardships are also valid

If you do end up getting it postponed, expect a call up in the near future within 6 months generally depending how long you post pone it.

My fourth and final call out I also got out of. I attended the first day. We were told some would be expected to serve for some time as they were quite large cases beginning that day. Then they mentioned the part about old jury halls and bad acoustics and anyone with a hearing impairment to meet after the introduction/video.

I did this and got taken to a room where I basically filled out a form saying I was deaf in one ear and could have trouble hearing and that I might miss important information. Signed it, the staff guy signed it and I went home.

This part might actually only work if you are deaf in one ear but I had no documentation of proof and no folow up regarding this.


There’s plenty that the public get to see but there’s a lot more that happens behind closed doors when the jury adjourn.


People tell me I speak loudly. Time for a hearing test. I think I’ll listen to the oils or the allman brothers on high volume with headphones for a couple of hours before I go. Thanks for all the advice. Eye opening and helpful.



So that’s where they got it from lol


I got called up last year. Spent two days in the jury house and never sat on a jury. Got called up three times into the court room. First one, my number didn’t get selected, second one I got selected but the defendant didn’t like the look of me I guess so he told me to sit my ■■■ back down before I got on the jury, and the third time there wasn’t enough of us left to make a jury because half the people who got called up got excused. That last one was particularly brutal and there was people crying left right and centre.

So after that third one we all got sent home and told we were excused for the next two years.


I actually don’t know the answer to that! Certainly you’d be free to talk about the case itself (assuming there are no suppression orders or other instructions from the judge not to do so), however I have a feeling that jury deliberations are supposed to remain confidential even after the trial. This is just a guess though - good question!