Jury duty


I thought this idea had merit (and that you were being serious) till I read the ‘ten minute’ part. :grin:


I thought the bigger issue was that boomers can’t computer, but sure.


With the amount of time some Boomers spend on Blitz, I don’t see that as a problem. :wink:


you don’t think listening to the same lawyers every 2nd week of your working life might bias you one way or the other, based on liking/disliking them?

There’s pros and cons for either case.


The legal system as we know it will go ■■■■ up after this becomes more widespread. I only wish the club had access to this during the saga.


I’m up again. Think this is number 4. Sat on one fairly serious trial in county court once. Another time I really had an interstate meeting I couldn’t miss in the few days after tha all up, but as I’d deferred twice just before that they basically said that you’ll have to convince the judge. So I sat all day and thought it was home time when the last call up came, and I was on it. Had to get in the box and the judge was very shirty but let me off. One poor woman who was on a teaching training course that had already been paid for couldn’t get out, one other pleaded but didn’t escape the net.

Funny the time I did sit we broke to the jury room and after an hour two jurors decided they needed a ciggy. The tip staff said right you’ll all have to go together out the front. He gave us a lecture about the risk the defence might see any one of us communicating with any other person and call for a mistrial which would waste several court days and said “I don’t care if your mother walks past, you don’t acknowledge her, right? GOT IT?!” So we wander outside. A mate of mine who’s now a magistrate but was then a barrister saw me walking past on the footpath and thought i was just passing by and so yelled out and went to clap me on the back. When he saw me look back horrified and turn in to the group of a dozen he realised what was up and went slightly white and turned away! No problem arose, but I had a chuckle. Mate was most apologetic later.