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That’s because nrl is nowhere near the running intensity of afl. Apples and oranges


On JD I wonder if the injury was such that it wouldn’t get worse, and the time off would be the same, so they decided to play through it. It became obvious it wasn’t working so they gave him the rest.

On Anzac Day, there is a solution here, give Collingwood and Essendon an early bye in the years where the gap is too short. GCS and PA have had their bye already, so whats the difference? I feel that because it only comes up every few years the AFL pushes it onto the backburner and everyone forgets until next time. The AFLPA should go hard at ensuring that there is a minimum 5 or 6 days between games as part of the player agreement.





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Overall, Crow is doing fine - my guess is EFC would be be below average for games missed in the last three years, but the concern is players getting injured during training - This is one issue which needs to be addressed.


I’d prefer an injury at training over one during the game


Huh? Replicating match like situations and intensity at training is kind of important if we are to improve.

Also, just because injuries are discovered at training doesn’t mean they occurred at training. Players get smashed during matches and then it’s often not until a few days later at training they notice that cramp never went away or that bruised thumb was a fracture.


IMO the short turn around on anzac day was compounded by giving us a 6 day break straight after it. Crazy fixturing considering the other 3 teams had Sunday games for weeks after it, and there are regularly 3 games on a Sunday so they could easily have worked us all in for a 7bday break for at least 1 week.


It would have meant playing against Richmond on a Sunday or Collingwood played Melbourne on the Sunday.
The ANZAC day eve game has stuffed it up, particularly for Wednesday’s now. If it wasn’t for that our game would have been part of round 6 and all the problems would be gone


I’d prefer no injury in training when the player reported tightness before that session during the ■■■■■■■ preseason.


Stay away from Crow

We haven’t had this good an injury record since the early 90s


It’s true, bigger isn’t always better…I told you ladies!


How could you possibly say Crowe is failing? Soft tissue injury list has been amazing