Karma Bomber Photo Upload - Nov Training Pics

I am sure that @karmabomber won’t mind me uploading his latest Instagram training pics to here so that we can analyse and discuss ad infinitum. Be sure to give him some likes if you are an Instagram member.

I have included his comments, as they are champagne commentary!

Nov 17

karmabomber “Have you heard the one about the Aussie, the Irishman and the Italian trying to tell the time and the Irishman hasn’t got a watch!?” :flushed::joy:

karmabomber - It’s a face off by two of the Bombers new brigade as @jakestringer9 and @devon_smith10 come to terms with Bomber pre-season training at the TVSC today. :+1:t3::black_circle::red_circle:

karmabomber - @aaronfrancis10 is already showing the benefits of his increased pre-season workload as he endeavours to improve his aerobic capacity at training and get more kms into his legs. Have a great 2018 Aaron.:+1:t3::red_circle::black_circle:

karmabomber - @andrew_mcgrath commences 2018 pre-season trains with the same intensity that he played with during 2017. Here he feeds the handball under defensive pressure by @benjymc at today’s “hot” training session. :red_circle::black_circle::wink::+1:t3:

karmabomber - Raz tries a bit of “stepping out” early in today’s training session. Lookin’ good​:bangbang::wink::red_circle::black_circle:

karmabomber - “No way mate! You’ve been here 5 minutes and you’re already trying to convince me to move aside and let you into the midfield!”
‘Dasha’ Parish reminds Devon Smith that there’s already plenty of talent in the Bomber midfield. :flushed::smile::red_circle::black_circle:

karmabomber- Walla’s back​:bangbang: @tipungwutianthonymcdonald shows a clean pair of hands to mark on the run during yesterday’s pre-season training session at the TVSC. :+1:t3::red_circle::black_circle: @essendonfc #timefortraining

karmabomber - Stretching the friendship!
The ‘Ghost’ David Myers and his little mate, Pidge, combine to stop Jayden Laverde breaking free in one of yesterday’s training drills at the TVSC. :flushed::+1:t3::red_circle::black_circle:

karmabomber - “Penny for your thoughts, Jake?”
All the best for a new start in footy…and in life. :+1:t3::red_circle::black_circle:

karmabomber = Plenty of focus by @devon_smith10 at yesterday’s :fire: training session at the TVSC. What’s he got to offer, Jacko? :thinking::red_circle::black_circle:

karmabomber - Adam Saad looking every bit a Bomber on a mission at this week’s training session at the TVSC. :+1:t3::red_circle::black_circle:


Where is this TVSC?

Yeah, from the look of the back ground I would say so.

You mean the Hangar…


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