Kayo sports

Cheers for the research on reddit. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Could you check out the English soccer availability this weekend too. Both EPL and EFL.

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Let me know how it goes I’ve been using the .io for about 6 months without a hitch so would be keen to see

Took awhile of stuffing around to download the official app to my Android TV, but you can also use other IPTV apps and enter the streaming address/info you get from XtremeHD.

When I tried it at 3am, all the channels kept buffering every 10 seconds which had me worried.

Now, at 3pm, been streaming Ice Hockey via Canada’s TSN4 for a good 40 minutes, and only buffered for a few seconds once.

I’ll try again later tonight (including the UK Sports Channels).


Initially I had the same drama although on the Samsung tablet it worked like a dream

IPTV. The end

Might get the trial if it works on PC. Website also says it works on the IPTV smarters app which I’ve downloaded before on the roku box, not sure if that will work W/O a smart tv though.

Sent them a message and they responded very quickly. Said it runs on PC if anyone is interested in getting it on their computer.

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After TSN, I tried SNY which buffered every ten seconds, and then the US ESPN channel, which buffered a bit at the start, then became fine after that.

If I can get the streaming to be more consistent (like TSN4 was), I’d be all in on this.

One of the weirdest parts about it is the us commercials and the fascination with huge food


I like their drug ads, where almost 90% of the ad is them telling all the bad things that will happen if you take the drug.


Your right it’s one of three usually food drugs or insurance


Is it all legit? Seriously tempted… :sweat_smile:

They claim to be legit… your honour. :crazy_face:

A friend at work gave me his login for IPTV Paradise, so I might give that one a try over the weekend too and let you all know.

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Any more trial results crew?

I applied a 6 month free kayo voucher and they keep saying my payment method has declined which is giving me the absolute ■■■■■.

Not sure if I should stump up for a digital membership or just get the monthly IPTV service. I bought the 36 hr trial last month with Xtreme and it worked fine but cant go back and watch something after its finished, like I do when watching the Darts on Kayo, being in such a ■■■■ time zone…

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I’ve been using IPTV Paradise for about a month now, and will use it until at least November as a mate gave me his login for it.

Beside the occasional buffer, it’s been great. I’ve been watching the TSN and SportsNet channels from Canada, ESPN from the US and the NHL streams (Go Islanders).

When I tried streaming TV shows, The West Wing was fine, but with For All Mankind, the first 5 episodes were fine, but the 6th had the vision and audio way out of sync.

Anyone know of any Kayo offers. My $17.50mth has expired and they now want $30.00mth. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bombers digital membership, if you pay $250 annually, you essentially get kayo for $20 per month.

(And LOL: you also get the infamous 10% off at the Bomber shop)

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check here every so often