Kevin Spacey and other creeps



Hmm seeking help. Such claims remind me of what the great philosopher Bron said - there is no cure for being a ■■■■.


I wont defend what this guy has done but to his credit he hasn’t been accused of anything, well at least publicly and he has aired out his own dirty laundry for everyone to see.

I was far more skeptical of C. K Louise apology because it came after decades of being a [email protected]#k and then somebody else going public about it and making complaints.


Or he knew it was coming.


That’s a possibility.

From what he has said he’s only ever been accused of rape the once and it’s unlikely that woman will come forward considering the lack of hard evidence.

If indeed there are more then by going public now I can’t see how that would help him unless he owned up to them. In fact I think it would make him look worse.


A few women coming out against the Israeli IOC delegate but Coates standing up for him.


When Selma Hayek came out about Weinstein, she referred to the support of Geoffrey Rush in helping her through the difficucult times with Weinstein.


“Persons posting accusations on social media as truth, and those who are self righteous and indignant over mere accusations must do better…”


Morgan Spurlock is such a non-story.


The fact that this sentence can be written unironically about a (admittedly minor) celebrity would be kinda mindboggling to anyone who hadn’t lived through the past few months.


Yeah, probably didn’t word that well.

I guess what I meant was the way he relayed the story is he believed it to be consensual.

With the use of hindsight he’s recognised that the lady involved didn’t agree.



It’s also quite a flattering colour.
Now, turquoise with pink spots - that would be a protest.


you could always just not go to the golden globes?


The GG is usually a very high fashion oriented night. By all the women (and probably some men) dressing in nothing but black would raise a big pointed statement to everyone in Hollywood.

Not turning up might make a bit of a splash too, but doing it this way is also an effective tool.


You know what would make an even bigger statement? How about stop acting like sleazebags.



Nothing would surprise me with Hoffman, he has always been known as a douche.


It’s like sending prayers to someone. Fark ing useless. How about if you see it hear sexual misconduct do straight to police and report it.


“HEY…I’ve got my c*ck out here!”